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October 11, 2016
TwitchCon 2016 Education Row
Education Row Day One [TwitchCon 2016 Panel Recap]
October 14, 2016

TwitchCon in its second year has developed a few different aspects that have made it a successful convention for streamers and viewers alike. Attendees can meet their favorite streamers, play some games, and check out some really informative panels. These panels range from Streaming Tabletop Games all the way to The Future of Live Music. Thankfully, most of the panels were recorded without issue and are found scattered on Twitch’s various theater channels.

We wanted to make it even better though. We have watched all the panels and created an outline of the important information from every single one.

We realized these panels would consist of really helpful tips for aspiring and current broadcasters. We didn’t realize the sheer volume of quality information though, so we’re breaking it up into parts to make it easy to pick through and find the bits that interest you. They’ll be released over the next few weeks, so feel free to bookmark this page to find all the parts here.

Education Row

Day One

How to Setup the Best Audio for Streaming
RIP Photoshop. How Strexm’s Overlays Will Make You a Better Streamer
sPwn – New Live Streaming Booster
Ingest Whatever, Edit However, Publish Wherever with Maximum Security

Day Two

Redefine the Competition with Challonge
Charity Fundraising on Your Stream
Social Broadcast in the Cloud
Community and Career: How to be Business-minded but Community-driven
Infiniscene: The Future of Live Streaming Software
TwitchAlerts Becomes Streamlabs: Introducing New Ways to Fund Your Dream Job
Take Your Stream to the Next Level – Advanced Setups and Scene Creation
Challenge Accepted. You’re On!
How to Home Studio for Streamers
How to Stream Mobile

Day Three

How to Increase Viewer Engagement Using Rewards
No BS Streaming with XSplit
The Future of Gaming & Streaming in the Cloud
How to Home Studio for Streamers
Build a Better Brand with Player.me

FrankerZ Theater

Day One

Voice Acting on Twitch
YOU DIED: Delving into Dark Souls Streaming
Protecting Yourself on the Internet (Streamer Edition)
What is Twitch “Science”?
Master of the Game: GMing Tabletop RPGs on Twitch

Day Two

Gaming Talent: Building Your Brand to Maximize Opportunities
How to Build Your Own Streaming PC
Casting to Career: How Your Channel Could Help You Land a Career in Gaming & Media
A “chat” with the Twitch Chat Team
$250,000 for Cars Playing Soccer: The Rocket League Championship Series
Dire Straights: How LGBT+ Streamers Survive and Thrive

Day Three

Transitioning from VOD to LIVE
Management Through Moderation: Bringing Value to the Streaming Table
Surviving Twitch Plays Pokemon: Adventures in Twitch Chat Engineering
Characters Welcome
Maximize VR for Performance and Streaming

Sandstorm Theater

Day One

Streaming Tabletop Games
Podcasting on Twitch: How to Grow Your Community
When to Make the Switch to Grow Your Audience
ISPs and the Twitch Community
Where’s Waldo: Creating Your Unique Space in a Sea of Sameness
The Future of Live Music

Day Two

Rolling Over Your Obstacles: Streaming with Disabilities
Get Developers Fied Up for Your Stream!
#GameDev: Developing Games Live on Twitch
Setting Up a Professional Multi-cam Live Music or Creative Broadcast on a Budget

Day Three

Mobile Gaming & Twitch
The Fine Print of Streaming: Managing Legal, Taxes, & Finance
ScholarsPlay: What Academics Can Teach About Criticism on Twitch
Games, Gains, and Healthy Gamers
Managing Broadcasters’ Twitch Communities

BibleThump Theater

Day One

Charity Gaming Marathons ft. Zeldathon
!permit: Tips and Tricks for Better Chat
Product at Twitch
Twitch Partnerships FAQ
Diversify Twitch
POLE: How to TwitchStart Your Creative Endeavor

Day Two

Up Your Game: Making Your Mark Through the Ups and Downs
Mental Health and Streaming
The Streams of Production
Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed by IP and the Law

Day Three

Poker Panel
Social Media and You: How to Grow & Maintain a Fanbase
For Whom the Bell LULs: Comedy That Rocks
How to Get Sponsored When You Aren’t That Big… Yet
9 to 5 to 9: How to Balance Your Time


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  2. […] the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap […]

  3. […] the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap […]

  4. […] the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap […]

  5. […] the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap […]

  6. […] the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap […]

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