Building Your Brand to Maximize Opportunities [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

Building Your Brand TwitchCon 2016

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VoD link:
FrankerZ Theater Day Two
Moderator: SeltzerPlease (Rachel Quirico)
Participants: djWHEAT (Marcus Graham), CSA_Andrew (Andrew Tomlinson), BmKibler (Brian Kibler), Stepleton6 (Luke Stepleton)

Most of the following points are presented with the goal in mind of streaming as a career/business. These shouldn’t deter streamers who do it as a hobby for fun! Answers from panelists are summarized.

  1. Building a Brand: The Pillars
  • The Pillars are the foundation of your brand and what will drive its success.
    • Commitment (Making the time)
      • New streamers can underestimate the time/commitment it takes to build a successful brand
      • Example: Kibler as a full time streamer puts in 30-40 hours of “Online” time PLUS A potential 10-20 hours on work outside of being live (editing, e-mails, management, etc.). A Full time streamer is likely working more than a traditional 40hr work week.
      • You have to build your brand while you’re online AND offline.
      • It can be an emotional/financial investment to stream.
    • The Standing Resume (Creating your digital footprint)
      • Can’t hide from the internet. Honesty/Authenticity can go a long way to preserving your brand.
      • Know what you’re getting into when taking on the “Twitch lifestyle”. It is a discipline.
      • Clean up your past and be conscious of what goes out in the future. The internet is forever.
    • Your Personal Brand (Choose who you want to be)
      • There is a market for everything. Be yourself but be aware of what you put out on the internet and what your brand stands for. Keep it consistent across all platforms.
      • Think about what you’re doing now with your brand and how it may affect you years down the road. Will your content now cause trouble/roadblocks for you later on? Stay consistent with your brand/character.
      • You can choose your “character”. Just be conscious of what it represents and how it may affect you in the future. Different problems, opportunities, and restrictions will arise depending on your choice.
        • For example, if you play the “rager” on Twitch you may attract more aggressive viewers; or if you have a PG rated channel your audience may be much younger than most.
    • Your Community
      • Treat others how you want to be treated. Your community should reflect/represent your values and what your brand stands for.
      • Be aware what you present because your community will give that back every hour of the day, both on/off stream.
      • Changes may occur in your brand/stream. Make sure you communicate those to your audience.
      • Community building is all about consistency and authenticity. Be genuine.
      • Use tools available for moderation and management to help shape your brand and community.
        • Bots
        • Chat delay
        • Moderators
          • Make sure they’re trustworthy
          • Let them know your goals/rules for your brand so they can enforce them.
  1.        Flexing your Brand
  • Once you reach a certain level you will need to be conscious of how your brand will interact with other brands. This can things such as companies trying to sponsor you, developers giving keys for you to play, or other streamers looking to collaborate.
  • While management is not necessary early on, it can help to lessen the workload of communicating with other brands/companies.
  • Know your values and what you want in return for your time and work. These values will help ensure everyone is happy with their deal down the road. Happiness between clients and talent = longevity in business. If you get management, make sure they know your values as well so they can make sure to communicate those in deals. The goal is “meeting in the middle”.
  • Choosing and getting chosen by brands
    • It’s not always about money. Make sure to pick brands that share your core values. This will further shape your brand.
    • Develop good habits and be conscious of how you conduct yourself when deciding on brands. Stay positive with your sponsors, your money, and your brand. Negativity, begging, and greed will only hurt you in the long run.
    • As a public figure, be careful what you say. You are being recorded almost everywhere.
    • There is a right and a wrong way to communicate your problems. Don’t use Twitter as a venting tool. Being diplomatic can be very good for your success in building lasting relationships and networking.
  1.         Solidifying your Brand
  • Motivating your Community
    • A solid community can be an extension of your brand.
    • The way your community represents themselves on social media will also represent you.
    • Make your community feel included in your journey. They’ll be your biggest support along the way.

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