Get the 1-on-1 help you need by talking with an experienced creator!

Stuck on your streaming journey and not sure how to fix it? Talk with a fellow creator to get a whole new perspective on your content.

Want to work with creators? Let us evaluate your product, program, or campaign to ensure it resonates with creators.

Coaches You Can Trust

  • Professional streamer since 2014
  • 100,000+ Twitch followers
  • Industry leader for advice and perspective
  • 15 to 50 viewers in 1 year
  • 2 Marketing Degrees
  • Specialties: marketing, networking, branding
  • Pandemic streamer to Twitch Partner in <1.5 years
  • Extensive moderation & content management experience
  • Specialties: community building & game selection
  • 10+ years in marketing, communications, PR, and branding
  • Founder + CEO of Brand Curators, a creative agency dedicated to amplifying diverse voices
  • Specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs build powerhouse brands
  • 10+ years experience in streaming & the film industry having worked on several AAA titles in VFX roles
  • Extensive production setup with all types of custom and pre-built PCs and streaming hardware
  • Experienced with OBS, Vmix, XSplit, Streamlabs Desktop, all major DAWs, VDO Ninja and much more

Our Impact

Jeff Brutlag

“I love the work StreamerSquare does because they provide insight and resources that can help ALL streamers grow, not just catering their advice to only one type of streamer. They're really about helping streamers find what sets them apart in content creation, and helping them utilize their strengths to become more successful in the industry.”

Twitch Partner

Jeff Brutlag

"Working with Lowco & StreamerSquare helped me organize myself as a full-time streamer. They helped me work on a plan to expand my content to other platforms outside of Twitch. Lowco's attention to detail is second to none! I highly recommend StreamerSquare for beginners and of course seasoned streamers.

My only regret is that StreamerSquare wasn't around when I first started my journey."

Twitch Partner


“Christie has been nothing short of sensational with providing guidance and expertise on how to shift my content in a direction where it aligns with my brand the best. Ever since that change, I've felt more confident about what I produce and how it can serve others around me. When someone is passionate about what they do, you can sense it from their energy when they offer their assistance. Christie certainly has that energy about her. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend working with her.”

Twitch Partner


“10/10 Would get coaching again!

Even at 5+ yrs into this business, it never hurts to get fresh eyeballs, or just a kick in the pants.

Overall TheOrderofDylan was very knowledgeable, professional, and relatable for me. It felt so good just to talk business with someone who knows what the business entails, and the challenges that go along with it.

I personally prefer the one-on-one sessions. I want to cut through the usual how-to's, and surgically get to the heart of my own struggles. I found it well worth the money to get actionable, tailored information.”

Twitch Affiliate


“I was lucky enough to come across Lowco and a group of streamers associated with StreamerSquare within my first year of streaming on Twitch.

I feel so incredibly grateful for that! Finding StreamerSquare helped me become a knowledgeable streamer much faster than I would have on my own and taught me skills that I have used to grow as a streamer and person over the last 4+ years on Twitch.”

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