What kinds of things can I learn from StreamerSquare?

Our educational content covers everything from the basics of content creation to in-depth dives on monetization and multiple income sources, community building, keeping yourself safe as a content creator, and much, much more. We have something for newcomers and industry veterans alike, and we invite you to check out our Pre-Check section (for free!) for insight on all we have to offer.

Where is StreamerSquare available?

Everywhere! StreamerSquare may be based in the USA, but our aim is to help content creators all over the globe.

How do I use (coupon) codes? Or buy a gift sub for someone?

We wrote a guide to using coupons and buying gift subs for this very question! It’s got all the information you need in one easy-to-bookmark place.

Is StreamerSquare just for streamers?

Nope, StreamerSquare is for all content creators! While our focus in the past has been on streamers, our goal is to support all content creators on their journeys. Courses such as Streaming Equipment Basics and Accessibility can apply to all forms of content creation, and our deep dive courses on Webcams & DSLRs and the DMCA can help you navigate the complexities that come with being a creator. We’ll also be adding even more content over time, including in-depth courses on different platforms and styles of content creation. Keep your eyes open to the possibilities – we want to help everyone take their career to new heights!

How do I grow my stream?

Check out our popular Growing Your Stream course!

Can I change my profile image?

Yes! Eventually we will have a profile system on the StreamerSquare site. For now, we recognize Gravatar images if you have set them. You can set a new image by making sure the associated email address to your account has a Gravatar attached. How to set up a Gravatar.

How often will there be new StreamerSquare content?

Look out for a host of new content every month, with some smaller updates between big content drops. If you want a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon, be sure to follow StreamerSquare on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter!

Why should I trust anything you say?

Everything StreamerSquare offers comes from years of industry experience, both from our staff and our industry-leading collaborators (50+ creators at launch alone!). This isn’t us simply telling you how things are done; this is us taking what we’ve learned, expanding on the topics with research and collaborator help, and presenting it to you in an engaging way with quotes, videos, and top-notch graphics. We want to elevate all content creators on their journey, and StreamerSquare is the resource to get us there.

Will this site make me famous?

Alas, we can’t promise to make you an internet star. Our goal is to help you be the creator you’ve always wanted to be; all the information you need to get started (or improve!) is here. Now, it’s up to you to find the best way to apply it toward your own goals.

My question isn’t answered, where can I go for help?

Head on over to the StreamerSquare Discord server! There you’ll find many of our staff members, industry professionals, and other creators to talk to about all of your burning questions.