How do you apply a coupon to your subscription purchase? How about the steps to buying a gift subscription for a friend or favorite content creator? Not sure? That's okay - we've got you covered!


Whether you have a coupon code from one of our many contributors, are looking to support Noir by using their code, or have gotten one from our newsletter, we want to equip you to use it! So how do you use a coupon code? It's easy!

  1. Navigate to the Accelerated Membership page
  2. Select your billing period (annual or monthly) and add the membership to your cart
  3. Click the "Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code" text at the top of the page
  4. Enter your code and click the "Apply Coupon" button
  5. Finish checking out
Picture showing how and where to enter a coupon code on the Checkout page.

The discount from the code you entered will be reflected under the "Your Order" details on the checkout page.

Gift Subscriptions

Gift subscriptions are as easy to purchase as a subscription for yourself. All you need to get started is the recipient's email address. Once you've got that, follow the steps below.

  1. Head to the gift subscription page
  2. Check the “Purchase a Subscription as a Gift!” button
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address
  4. Add the membership to your cart and check out
  5. The recipient will get an email to get started
Image depicting what the Gift Subscription box looks like on the Accelerated Membership page.

With that, you're ready for takeoff! The gift recipient doesn’t need to have an account ahead of time to get the gifted sub, either! However, gift subs will automatically renew unless cancelled by the gifter. Both the gifter and the recipient can manage their side of the gift subscription by heading to the My Account > Subscriptions page at any time.

Additionally, coupon codes can be used with gift subscriptions. So if you have access to a code, feel free to use it when gifting a subscription!

Good fortune on your journeys, cadets! If you have any questions or issues with using a coupon code or gifting a subscription, don't hesitate to contact us.