November 10, 2021

SolarStream Partners With Noir to Elevate Black Femme Creators

SolarStream Noir Partnership
SolarStream Noir Partnership

Since I founded StreamerSquare over seven years ago, I have been committed to helping streamers of all sizes, backgrounds, and experiences gain the knowledge they need to grow and get better at streaming. Over time, we’ve created countless guides and live shows. We have brought content creators at every stage of their journey to share their perspective with the community, because we know every creator experiences success and challenges in different ways. We could not have built StreamerSquare alone, it took the input of over 50 creators because it would simply be incomplete without it; it would be unfair to the millions of streamers trying to learn and grow their channel to rely on a service that doesn’t understand their personal experience. 

I am very honored to partner with The Noir Network because we have a common goal: educating creators. Noir unites Black femme creators and does so much good work to help lift those creators up and bring opportunities that previously did not exist for marginalized people. They are trailblazers who are creating a positive, tremendous impact on their teammates, outside brands, and the streaming industry as a whole. StreamerSquare will be working with the team members of Noir to bring their unique experiences and expertise into our courses as we shape creator education, for everyone, forever!



Bold. Innovative. Driven. Funny. Down to earth. Xmiramira is not only a content creator, she is a woman with a mission. She has made it a point to not only go the distance to create high quality content, but also to cultivate a diverse community based on camaraderie, uplifting support, and the freedom to unapologetically be yourself.

“I’m super excited for this partnership because it goes hand in hand with why I founded The Noir Network. As a content creator, education is extremely important, and having the tools and the know how to push forward and succeed as a content creator & streamer can make a world of a difference.”

While opportunities for marginalized streamers are growing, there is more that can and should be done to rectify the persistent and suffocating inequalities that exist in this space. StreamerSquare is a powerful streaming education tool that can help level the playing field for so many marginalized creators and it’s important we do our part. With that goal in mind, we are giving every team member of Noir, present and future, three months of complete access to StreamerSquare. We hope we may further Noir’s mission to educate Black femme creators and in doing so, play a meaningful part in the flourishing paths of many wonderful individuals who deserve the success they work so hard for.

In addition, The Noir Network has a special code, NOIR, that will provide anyone who uses it a 10% discount on StreamerSquare’s Premium membership tier with a portion of your purchase going directly towards supporting The Noir Network.

We are gracious and lucky to partner with such an inspiring group like Noir. We are deeply committed to continuing to elevate marginalized creators and we look forward to growing this partnership more over time.



CEO, StreamerSquare

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