September 4, 2023

Meet Ashlinaa!

A photo of Ashlinaa in a Pumpkin print shirt.

Our September StreamerSquare Spotlight Feature!

This is The Hallowqueen!

This month, we wanted to be sure that the vibe of our featured streamer matched the vibe of the season – and as we celebrate the end of another summer and move into autumn, we thought this was a perfect opportunity for “The Hallowqueen” of Twitch to have some time to shine! Ashlina (or @Ashlinaa on Twitch and most of her social media accounts) is a cozy & chaotic streamer that loves all things horror & Halloween. You can find her playing RPG’s, horror, and story / adventure games, doing fundraisers for charities for various causes, or chatting with her community! She has a lot of fun things planned for Latine Heritage Month with her community including a TTRPG campaign through September and October! If anyone wants to join the community and be a part of the celebration, they have a Discord form in the Cafe Cultivar Twitter bio!

Want to know more about Ashlina, her streams, & her community? We’ll let her tell you all about it. ⬇️

“I am the founder and a Team Lead for a Discord community called Café Cultivar where we aim to uplift and support Latine creators while fundraising for charity, building a community together and sharing ourselves with the industry. It’s something I’m so proud of and continuously pouring myself into. I want it to be the best it can possibly be. My familia is very important to me!”

How would you describe yourself and your content?

Ashlina: “I call myself & my stream like “a box of chocolates” because you never know what you’re gonna get when coming to spend time with me! You can get laughter, crying, joking around, serious mental health chats and everything else in-between. I love creating content that is relatable, but also comfortable and fun for my community. I want people to feel loved, accepted and safe when hanging out in my stream. I also believe in being raw and real with my community; being human. I love to have fun and create a space where we can be a family.”

What is your favorite part of being a content creator?

Ashlina: “Building a community is definitely one of them. I love building a space on the internet where we all come together for a common cause or a common reason. I have always wanted to make a difference and the fact that I’m able to build a community who also wants to do the same is incredible. I’m so honored to stream for them & build something beautiful together.

I also love the fact that I’ve been able to meet so many incredible people through content creation. Everyone has had a part in my life and my career. I can’t thank everyone enough for all they’ve done to help me get here. I’m so so thankful.”

What has been the most memorable/impactful experience being a creator so far?

Ashlina: “I think the most impactful thing about creating content is knowing that people carve out time from their lives to come spend time with me. Knowing that they desire to come hang out or want to stop by makes me so incredibly happy. I think another impactful experience is knowing that I, Ashlina, can change peoples’ days around. That is incredible to me. I don’t take that lightly either and I hope I can continue to do that for people.”

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How does your identity play a role in the content you’re making and the community you’re building?

Ashlina: “As a Latina it’s important that I bring my identity into my content and into the community I am building because I want to show younger Latines out there that all of this IS possible. When I am able to share those pieces of myself I am helping to break down walls and stigmas so that others can create content/change the world too. I am able to share my unique experiences and how, together, we can create better spaces for others like me. I share it all because it’s who I am and I will never be shamed of that – no one should be.”

What challenges have you faced as a creator and how do you work through those challenges?

Ashlina: “One of the biggest challenges I’m dealing with right now is having energy. I’ve noticed over time that creating content has started to take more and more energy.

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and it has been so incredibly difficult for me to generate, or simply have, energy. I’m not able to give as much to things as I used to, so I am still trying to figure out how to navigate that. Thankfully, I have been very honest with my community about what I’m going through so no apologies are necessary is I have to cut streams short or cancel altogether.”

Do you have any advice for other creators?

Ashlina: “There is nothing wrong with trying this whole content creation thing out!! You will truly never know your limits or what you’re capable of until you just try it (or really anything in life)! However, like some others might try to tell you, creating content is NOT easy. It’s not always “fun” either. There WILL be hardships and there will be times of struggle. It’s inevitable. BUT giving yourself a chance is always worth it that way you never live your life wondering “what if”. Give it a shot if you are able to do so!”

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