November 2, 2022

SolarStream 2.0 Launch, 1st Birthday Party & Content Drop For November 2022


You heard us right cadets, the time has come for SolarStream 2.0 with brand new features and a whole new look.

Before we announce the coolest giveaway we’ve ever done – let’s show you the new module now live!

ALERT! 🚨New Module LIVE Now!

🖥PC Build Recommendations

We have launched an easy all-in-one guide that shows you different financial tiers of PC Builds.

Check out our new module PC Build Recommendations, to see our recommended low, medium and high cost PC Builds.

Future Incoming Content 👀

Wondering what’s next? Look no further! We are excited to announce future courses surrounding charity and business contacts!

Create an account on SolarStream today to stay up to date with our recent updates and content drops.

Happy Birthday Revamp with SolarStream 2.0 🎊🎈

What a wonderful year it has been together, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have your support in our next step of this journey.

With our 1 year birthday celebrations, we announced some massive new features and membership perks that I can’t wait to share with you.

Check out our launch video below to see highlights of what we’ve launched today!

Community Update

Get excited for our community update!!

Memberships gets you access to monthly seminars and direct networking events with peers and experts to grow your stream.

Want to know more about some of our features and design overhauls?

⭐ Entire site has been redesigned.

⭐ Every course has been enhanced to be more readable + more visual aids.

⭐New Dashboard allows you to see everything new in one location: Plus we’ve added dashboard events to show you upcoming events and scheduled content that will hit our site, so you don’t miss out on anything.

⭐New feature: Discord sync gets you access to additional channels for course discussion, goal setting, and exclusive events.

It’s time to introduce Discord integration!! Gain new perks in our Discord like:

  1. Discussion posts for course material.
  2. Feedback from peers and professionals in the industry.
  3. Attend executive networking and learning events.
  4. Network with driven and goal-oriented creators.
  5. Plus unlock private channels and special events just for members

⭐ New perk: monthly seminars lets you tap into the brains of successful creators and access their knowledge like never before.

Let’s look back at what we accomplished this year:

1. We worked with StreamElements to run two successful workshops; ‘Grow Your Stream‘ and ‘Discoverability‘.

2. We have re-launched an informative and beneficial newsletter that goes out monthly to a number of content creators. This newsletter includes links to game codes, giveaways and industry news that is invaluable to your career as a creator.

3. We have worked with over 50 content creators to bring you the best industry tips and tricks. This year we’ve been joined by 900 new cadets that have utilized our resources to help build their business.

4. Our web development team has pushed out some of the biggest changes our website has ever seen. They have adding new functionalities and features every month. We got dark mode, a new dashboard, course status tracking and much more!

5. This year we officially hit 32 courses of content that covers a variety of subjects for all kinds of content creators. This year we’ve launched 19 modules including: Inclusive Language, Tax Resources, Scheduling and ConsistencyTools to Aid Against Targeted Harassment, Burnout Resilience, PC Build Recommendations, The Power of Recycling Content, VTubing Course and so many more!

And The Updates Keep Coming!

Last month’s content drop post teased some of the updates that have already happened, and some that were still on the horizon. The interface has gone through a total revamp as we’ve launched a whole new look, check it out below!

SolarStream’s new dashboard interface is an all-in-one tool to get you ready to learn and in the loop.

Our Biggest Giveaway EVER with NZXT! 🎉

A birthday party simply wouldn’t be complete without a present, and this present is up for grabs.

We partnered with NZXT to give away a powerful content creation PC for FREE to a lucky community member. Our staff personally picked this build with expert perspectives.

Check out our Twitter post below with more details for entering our PC giveaway.

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