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What to expect in this course:

This course discusses serious and triggering topics involving mental health, bullying and harassment, self-harm, burnout and more.

StreamerSquare staff are not mental health professionals and the tools and resources we provide for self-care and mental health are not prepared by professionals. If you are in crisis or dealing with something serious, please reach out to a loved one or use one of the resources below.

If you are in the U.S.:

International Crisis Resources:

  • Find international crisis resources HERE.

Self-care is an essential component in being a content creator, and it’s important to remember that to avoid burnout.

Course Goals:
  1. Discuss mental health for content creators and harmful experiences that may appear in the community
  2. Learn how to sense oncoming burnout and taking preventative measures
  3. Discover activities you can do on and off screen to keep yourself healthy, hydrated and active while streaming
  4. Deep-dive into the ‘Always On Mentality’ of content creation – What is it? How do we fight it?

Here’s one of StreamerSquare’s Behind the Streams episodes, featuring Mxiety and Dr. Kelli Dunlap, where we dive into mental health and content creators:

When to Seek Help

Content Warning: Mention of depression and suicidal ideation; one reference with no details on either. We are not therapists or licensed professionals. This article talks about some common signs exhibited by people needing professional help, but ultimately this is determined by the person themselves. Even if a person recognizes some of these traits, they may not feel ready to seek help. With that in mind, know that the most any non-professional can do is to provide resources and trust the rest to licensed professionals. If you feel that a professional needs to be sought, we’ve included some links to useful resources at the end of the article. Please keep those handy in case they are needed! Mental Health In General The topic of mental health is vast and all-encompassing, so it stands to reason that figuring out when to seek professional help will be different for different people. Depending on what type of ailments a person is experiencing, there are some approaches that people can use to alleviate some of their issues.  Some of the actions that people can take with respect to mental health are preventative, like taking regular breaks to prevent burnout or making sure to hydrate, eat, and get a good night’s sleep. Many content creators limit their interactions on social media to lessen the ‘doom and gloom’ of everyday life. Also, it is important for people to handle their real-life obligations and spend time with friends and loved ones where possible. As we know, there are times when visiting friends and family is not possible due to prohibitive costs or other restrictions, so it can be hard to manage one’s mental health through physical contact. As this is currently the case, people often look for other activities, like online courses, media to engage with, or streams...

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