New SolarStream Content October 2022

Well howdy there cadets, it’s good to see you. We have some new modules coming to you and lots of feature updates (and other big secrets) as we plan for our 1st birthday! There’s a lot that has changed since we last saw you, but also there’s a lot of upcoming excitement to tease.

Buckle up cadets because we’re about to take off!

October’s New Modules

Content & Community: We’re launching two new modules in this category this month and we can’t wait for you to check them out.

Have you ever thought about starting a stream team? Maybe joining one? In our Collaborations course, we created a module dedicated to Stream Teams! Let’s talk logistics on how to start one and what kind of responsibility this kind of leadership entails. We also break down how to join a team, what kind of details make you stand out, and how to accept and feature your teams once you join.

Lots of creators use their platform to enact change, whether that be financial fundraisers and mutual aid or social justice activism – you can use your platform to campaign for values you hold dear to your heart and community. This month we have added a new module to our Community Leadership course – Activism in Streaming. This module will navigate how to use a platform and your voice to initiate activism in your content creation spaces.

New SolarStream Features

Existing Updates

  • We implemented some visual updates to the Course Cards that have provided a more modern look, as well as a new course progression bar that shows a visual representation of your completed work.
  • There are visual updates to the navigation system for courses. This can be seen in the header and filters that have moved from the left of the course menu, to the top of the menu and under the search bar.
  • Courses are now sorted on the page by New & Featured content first and foremost. Then content will appear in following order: Courses In Progress -> Courses Not Started -> Completed Courses
Before and after of the ordering and check out system for SolarStream memberships
Simplified the ordering and billing process for memberships

Upcoming Improvements

  • Brand new aesthetic for course and module browsing
  • Visual updates and new functionalities in the My Account/Dashboard page
  • Improvements to the account creation, login, and checkout process

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The next time we see you, on November 2 that is, we will be celebrating our one year birthday. Well – until next time, we’re blasting off!

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