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Our August StreamerSquare Spotlight Feature!

a very dashing photo of Ken, aka Right_U_R_Ken, a twitch streamer.
Streamer, Music Lover, DJ, Friend… this is Ken!

Our spotlight streamer this month is all about good vibes, good tunes, and good games – which makes sense, because Ken is a good guy. Known by “Right_U_R_Ken” on Twitch, Ken is a variety content creator (and DJ!) streaming multiple days a week. When he’s not doing things like streaming Diablo 4, doing IRL food reviews, mixing sick beats, or generally just being really cool… he is also:

  • a 2K NextMaker
  • a LostArk Creator
  • a #BigCreaxr
  • an avid fundraiser for various causes
  • an Ambassador for Guardians Mental Health
  • and so much more!

Want to know more about Ken, his streams, and his community? We’ll let him tell you all about it. ⬇️

How would you describe yourself and your content?

“Ken is a variety gaming content creator who loves to engage with his audience. He is selfless, supportive, all while entertaining his viewers through 200IQ plays… or falling off a ledge unintentionally!

By fundraising for causes both he and his “Blanken Ship” community believes in, Ken feels the core part of making the world a better place is through gaming and content creation.”

What is your favorite part of being a content creator?

Ken: “My favorite part of being a content creator is connecting with folks across the world. Knowing that you can share your passions with someone hundred or thousands of miles away shows how small the world really is. Having a platform like this is also a great way to learn more about folks who have experiences different from you. It’s a great way to become a well-rounded global citizen.”

What has been the most memorable/impactful experience being a creator so far?

Ken: “During the beginning of the pandemic, I was experimenting with DJing on Twitch as a hobby. One of my viewers told me that I inspired them to pursue DJing, which led to them streaming on Twitch as well! When your intention is to entertain people, you rarely imagine inspiring them.”

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How does your identity play a role in the content you’re making and the community you’re building?

Ken: “As a cisgender Black male, I understand both the privilege I have and challenges I face. I aim to foster a community that is understanding of the many paths we take in life. We encourage and celebrate diversity through conversation, gameplay, and supporting causes as a community.”

What challenges have you faced as a creator and how do you work through those challenges?

Ken: “I think one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a creator is time management. As a one-person shop I have many hats to wear (talent, editor, marketing). I’ve found the best way to work through those challenges is with multiple calendars haha! I have a dry erase board with a monthly calendar which I review each Sunday. I also have a few digital calendars where I place reminders. Lastly, I ensure I share events in Discord and social media for accountability.”

Do you have any advice for other creators?

Ken: “Be yourself! Feel free to take inspiration from other creators, but ensure you are highlighting what makes you unique as an individual. Network with other creators that you feel have similar interests as you and would blend well with your community.”

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