July 2022 Content Drop From SolarStream 

Howdy there cadets, happy disability pride month.

The time has finally come. After much anticipation, it is time to share our long-awaited labor of love and research – the VTubing Course. We spoke with VTubers of various types, sizes, and experiences to bring you everything you need to know to get started.

Thank you to Cinnabunne, Keyokku, Sagefira, Melimenji, Spofie, Joton and Salamimeats for assisting us in building this course with your expertise.

*NEW* Course – April 2022 Content Drop

July 2022 Content Update: VTubing Course

The options when it comes to VTubing are endless – but that also means that the process of getting started can feel a little overwhelming. We want to help you out with all the base research you will need before diving into VTubing.

With this new course we have brought you two modules to start, with deep dives on beginner topics.

In our VTuber Basics course we start from the very beginning. We lay out all the concepts you need to research before you begin and walk you through the aspects of character creation. Then we will discuss the different types of VTuber you can be, explain the animation styles that are available to you and cover the technology recommended by industry professionals. Throughout this course we will discuss the culture of VTubing and how to test the waters with VTubing if you are just starting out.

Once you are feeling like you have got the basics down – it is time for a little more details. In the next module, Setting Up a VTuber Avatar, we break down everything you will need to start streaming as a VTuber. Industry professionals told us their favorite methods for creating or commissioning art for their model, programs for rigging your puppet and software that will motion capture your avatar while streaming. Learn from other creator’s mistakes and get advice on how to be the most successful during the start of your journey.

We hope you enjoy this new course cadets!

Tag us on Twitter @SolarStreamGG with your VTuber model and show us what you’ve learned. See you next month!

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