Gift a SolarStream Membership

Gift SolarStream Memberships

Greetings cadets!

SolarStream is officially one month old today! With over 600 users on board, we’re well on our way to the most distant galaxies. We hope you’ve been enjoying our courses while the team has been working on our first post launch roadmap. We’ve got more content, features, and exciting announcements coming up still!

Speaking of our plans for post-launch, we’re excited to announce our first new feature: gift subscriptions! 

Many of you asked about this even on launch day, and now it’s here! Have a streamer you want to send to orbit? Want to support a friend on their content creation journey? Set them up with a gift subscription today! All you need to get them started is their email address.

How does gifting a subscription work, you ask? Simple!

  1. Head to the gift subscription page
  2. Check the “Purchase a Subscription as a Gift!” button
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address
  4. Add the membership to your cart and check out
  5. The recipient will get an email to get started

And that’s it! Nice and easy, just like gifting a sub on Twitch. The gift recipient doesn’t need to have an account to get the gifted sub, either! However, gift subs will automatically renew unless cancelled by the gifter. Both the gifter and the recipient can manage their side of the gift subscription by heading to the My Account > Subscriptions page at any time.

So, what are you waiting for, cadets? Help elevate your favorite creators today, and let them know the skies are the limit!

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I'm a full time streamer and CEO of StreamerSquare! You can find me on Twitter and Twitch.

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