SolarStream Merges into StreamerSquare

Dear streamers,

When I started StreamerSquare nearly 9 years ago, I set out to create a central resource to help streamers at all stages in their journey. Last year we launched our sister site,, an educational course hub for streamers. The project was so big, bigger than anything I had ever done, that it felt like it needed its own place on the internet.

Since that time, there have been challenges with growing SolarStream while expanding our offerings under the StreamerSquare umbrella. People often asked, “what’s the difference between SolarStream and StreamerSquare?” We have been asking ourselves this more and more, especially as SolarStream has grown from just a self-learning course hub, to now offering consulting, live events, with even more planned.

Because my goal has been to centralize information and resources for streamers, it’s only fitting for SolarStream to fold back into StreamerSquare and give streamers the full experience we have to offer!

Everything has changed and nothing has. Users still have their same accounts, and all of the courses are still accessible. But today everything is on and now, we’ll really be able to truly create the one place every streamer visits to better their stream.

This is StreamerSquare!


CEO, StreamerSquare

About the Author


I'm a full time streamer and CEO of StreamerSquare! You can find me on Twitter and Twitch.

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