December 29, 2021

SolarStream to Participate in NZXT Partner Program

Good day, cadets!

Last week, NZXT announced the launch of it’s brand new Partner Program. This program will give tools, resources, and support to content creators to help them achieve their goals as creators.

As part of their resource offerings, NZXT and SolarStream have joined forces to give memberships to participants in the Partner Program. Level 1 creators will receive a 3 month membership to SolarStream and Level 2 creators will receive a 6 month membership. Our goal is to equip these creators with the best educational content possible so they can launch their careers to new heights. Participants will have full access to all of our courses, including all of our new content rolling out starting January 2022.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting two (2) NZXT PC giveaways next year! While education is key, we think a little equipment boost can only help our members. Details are still in the works, and will be communicated as soon as the schematics are available. Keep an eye on Twitter for the latest updates.

Head over to the NZXT Partner Program page for more details about the program. Drop an application while you’re there, too! Applications are open and will be manually reviewed by the NZXT team (so please be patient with their team!).

Best of luck, cadets! We can’t wait to see some of your names in the program list.

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