Free Charity Streaming Course from StreamerSquare

New FREE Charity Course from StreamerSquare is here!

When planning what to do for our newest course, we wanted to dive into impactful and intentional content creation that aims to make a difference. So we decided to do an entire Free Charity Streaming Course. We started building a series of resources and guides within that scope to help you with all things fundraising.

New Free Modules from Charity Streaming Course:

✨ Picking a Fundraising Meathod

✨ Goal Setting for Fundraisers and Mutual Aid

✨ Collaborating for Charity

✨ Charity Stream Etiquette

Utilizing a public platform for good can look like many different things, and one of those important pillars of using a platform for good is philanthropic work. It can be a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be! Charity work is fun and can be really straightforward if you know what you’re signing up for!

In this course we will discuss allyship, educational approaches, and platform intention when it comes to fundraising. 

Charity Streaming Course Goals:

  1. Determine how to choose a charity, fundraiser or mutual aid campaign successfully
  2. Let’s discuss how to plan goals when fundraising to maximize support
  3. Discover ways to collaborate with other creators and businesses respectfully and effectively
  4. Learn all about proper fundraising etiquette

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