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This month, it is our pleasure to feature a channel that is run by extremely talented, fantastic humans – one of which is our very own Social Media Manager, Napoellis! Most of what you see posted across all of the StreamerSquare brand accounts is the man behind this featured channel – and you may have seen him at the StreamerSquare booth at GXC in August – but when he’s not helping this company help reach, educate, and meme for streamers, he’s working with a whole other team of creators to entertain! Bringing streamers together, forging a new path in the Twitch gameshow category with GamersFeud. With over 600+ contestants to date, they’re only getting started!

Want to know more about GamersFeud & Napoleon, the game show streams, & the team and community behind it? We’ll let him tell you all about it. ⬇️

From the GamersFeud website: “Founded in 2022 by napoellis (the “King of Gameshows”) and backed by an incredible team of streamers, content creators, and people of all talents, we help bring streamers together to better unite the content creation space while also hosting fun and professional events for you to communicate, compete and win prizes.

Together we continue to strive to achieve the dream of bringing together the entire streaming community, while also building a place where creators of all kinds can experience high-quality events such as gameshows, talk show panels and tournaments. We test your knowledge on the games and topics you think you know, teach you more about them, and even help you find new friends to play with, collaborate with or just watch when you have free time and need a stream to relax in. In 2022 with the entrance of Gamers Feud we have put our best foot forward daily to continue to bring amazing events to Twitch and all social media platforms.

How would you describe yourself and your content?

Napolean: “We host creator events such as gameshows, talkshows / panels, and tournaments to bring creators together to highlight creators, test their knowledge in a fun way and highlight creators in a fun way.”

What is your favorite part of being a content creator?

Napolean: “Meeting other creators and being able to make friends and bounce ideas off of them.”

What has been the most memorable/impactful experience being a creator so far?

Napolean: “Hosting an award show, it was great being able to highlight all the creators as well as just the emotional rollercoaster it was. So many people voted and nominated creators and then just the joy of running the show in an organized way was great.”

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What challenges have you faced as a creator and how do you work through those challenges?

Napolean: “It’s hard making questions but I have gotten volunteer staff to assist me with that, and hosting the shows but also running the OBS at the same time can be difficult. I feel like getting a staff member to run OBS/SAMMI which I use to control the scenes would be nice.”

Do you have any advice for other creators?

Napolean: “It’s cliché but do what you enjoy. I enjoy gameshows and gaming so I mixed it together.”

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