How to Stream on TikTok 

TikTok’s minimum requirements for general livestreaming are:

  1. Users must be 18 years old (depending on your region)
  2. Have 1000 followers

What You’ll Need to Stream on TikTok

To get started live streaming, you’ll need a stream key and server URL

This can be found by going into the TikTok app on your mobile device, tapping on the “+” at the bottom of the screen and selecting “Live” next to “Templates”. 

Underneath the red “Go Live” button, click “Device camera” and “Transfer to PC/Mac”. 

Once selected, tap the red “Go Live” button and a new window will pop up with your stream key and server URL. This window is where you’ll also update your stream title and thumbnail later.

Do not share your stream key or server URL with anyone as they are unique to your account and anyone can use them to stream directly to your account.

Stream Key Required

Some TikTok users do not have the capability to stream to the platform from streaming software. Though they do meet the minimum requirements to go live via the mobile app, these users do not have the option to transfer the live to a PC/Mac or access to their stream key and server URL. Reach out to customer support and start a support ticket if you are impacted by this.

Benefits of TikTok Live Streaming

Going LIVE on TikTok gives creators the opportunity to receive digital stickers called “gifts” from supporters and watchers. These gifts are turned into diamonds, which are a source of revenue for you as a creator.

What are Gifts?

“Virtual live gifts from your fans mean you can collect Diamonds, which can turn into real money into an external account of your choice. What are diamonds? Tiktok awards them to creators based on the popularity of your videos, and one way for creators to collect diamonds is to receive gifts from views on your lives.” – LIVE Gifts on TikTok

Notable TikTok LIVE Features

  1. Up to 20 moderators per live
  2. Set up comment filters to keep your community safe
  3. Add effects or manipulate your device camera to add fun aspects to your stream

How to Stream on TikTok via Mobile Device

To go LIVE on TikTok, tap the create icon that looks like a plus sign at the bottom of your device.

You can swipe to the LIVE content tab to start setting up your live stream. Once in the LIVE tab, set an image and the stream details before you go live.

If you don’t see the option to go live, it means your TikTok account probably doesn’t meet the requirements to start a live stream.

How to Stream on TikTok From Desktop/Mac

TikTok LIVE Studio

For Windows users, TikTok LIVE Studio allows you to go live from a computer instead of a mobile device. This enables you as a creator to do so much more on your live streams, like games or presentations.

This streaming software has been developed by TikTok, for TikTok users specifically.

It is very similar to other encoding software like OBS and very straightforward to use. For troubleshooting and setup instructions, check out their FAQ page.

If you’re looking to keep it simple and have all your streams on the same software, the steps for using encoding software to stream on TikTok are below!


1. Connect your TikTok account to your Streamlabs Desktop by signing into TikTok. This will open a window where you can sign in with your login credentials.

2. Next click “Go Live” on the Streamlabs Desktop. A window will pop up for you to select what platform you’re trying to stream to. Input your Server URL and Stream Key into the custom or TikTok section of Streamlabs.

3. Click “Confirm & Go Live”.

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

  1. Open OBS and select “File” in the upper left hand corner followed by clicking on “Settings”. 
  2. Select “Stream” under “General” from the list of tabs on your left. From the “Service” drop down menu select “Custom”.
  3. Type in your Server URL and Stream Key, then hit “Apply” and “OK”.