March 23, 2022

March Content & Feature Update

Salutations, cadets!

Thanks for your patience as we worked out some behind-the-scenes tech stuff these past few months. There’s been a flurry of activity internally, and as things settle down, we’ve got some exciting new stuff to share with you! We have both a new feature and new content for you this month!

While this update isn’t big, it’s mighty. We have two important things for you this month: Dark Mode and additional modules in our Taxes course.

New Website Feature: Dark Mode

You asked, and we listened. Everyone wants dark mode? You got it! Click on the sun/moon toggle at the top of any page to switch between light mode and dark mode. The toggle will either be on the header bar or beneath your account avatar, depending on which page you’re currently on. If you have any troubles, hit us up on Twitter or let us know over in our Discord!

New Content: Taxes

March 2022 Content Update: Tax Resources & Tax Forms and Documents
March 2022 Content Update: Tax Resources & Tax Forms and Documents

Disclaimer: All information here is provided for information purposes only. This is not tax advice specifically for you. Your own facts and circumstances will dictate how you should be filing. If you have specific questions, please consult a certified public accountant (CPA) or other tax professional.

Tax time is upon us, and we want YOU to be prepared! We’ve got two new modules in our Taxes course to help: Tax Resources and Tax Forms and Documents. Each of these new modules breaks down a number of things to help you, as a creator, in this difficult time.

Our Tax Resources module has a myriad of resources for you to utilize. Whether you’re looking for self-directed or professional resources, we’ve got it covered. If you’re not sure how or where to start on this year’s taxes, check this module out!

If you’re ready to file your tax, but want a reference guide for forms and documents you’ll need, head to our Tax Forms and Documents module. We cover everything from the 1040 – and its related sub forms – to 1099s and more. What’s a Schedule C, or Schedule SE? Why do you receive a 1099 from some companies but not from others? Why do you need to submit at W-9 to companies to get a 1099 in some cases? This module covers the basics of all these and more!

We hope you enjoy this latest update, cadets! May dark mode ease your eye strain, and the tax modules ease your tax season stress.

Good luck, and happy learning!

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