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What to expect in this course:

Welcome to the sensational world of VTubing! 

In this form of live-streaming, you use an avatar to stream instead of a webcam. Some VTubers create themselves in animation, others create entirely new personas and original characters

4 Reasons to Choose VTubing. It gives you the ability to customize your character, and a chance to connect with new viewers and fellow streamers alike. There is a creative liberty that VTubing provides in your experience as a content creator, an opportunity to build a whole new world for your community. In recent years, streaming as a VTuber has become much more accessible through intuitive technology, that is thankfully less expensive than before. There is lots of freedom to explore new horizons and broaden your scope as a creator.



Spofie is a Lalafell Vtuber, 5 year Twitch partner, and 2020 Twitch ambassador. She has a passion for creating cozy content and fostering an inclusive environment. She streams every night, and while her primary content is Final Fantasy 14 focused, she also makes sure to do at least one variety night a week to explore other games. Some of her favorites are RPGs, indies, and strategy games, but the channel has showcased a wide array of genres!

“I found myself continuously less comfortable with presenting myself on camera for stream. I deal with pretty severe body dysmorphia, and it was preventing me from excelling at what I loved doing, streaming. For a while, I tried to just stream without a camera, and while it helped relieve that feeling, I didn’t feel like I could have the same personal connection with my community that I had while on camera. Entering the VTubing scene made a world of difference in my ability to be comfortable streaming, while also expressing my creativity and sense of self.”


they/it (he/him OK!)

VTuber Salamimeats is a bunny-rabbit God who runs a deli - with the power of 100% vegan friendly meat! Come swing by the deli for a bite to eat and a chance to chat with an ancient deity.

“I have very bad anxiety about how I look while streaming so I was never able to use a webcam due to this. I definitely feel like I am able to be myself with the use of my VTuber.”

Becoming a VTuber, or even a PNGTuber for completely free is fairly simple.
There will just be limitations to what you can do and how customizable you can make your model. But with time, practice, and a little bit of savings – the choices in your VTubing journey are endless.

Download VRoid Studio to create an avatar for free, pick a software like 3tene or VeSeeFace that allows you to motion cap and virtual camera your avatar, and then overlay that virtual camera as a camera source in your streaming software. Voilà! You have a fully-functional VTuber avatar. This method doesn’t have full customization features, but it is fairly intuitive for a free method that requires little technical knowledge.

Course Goals:
  1. Learn how successfully research your process ahead, create your character, and how to build a brand from scratch
  2. Explore different types of models and art styles available for VTubing & PNGTubing
  3. Discover free and paid software to create and rig your VTuber/PNGTuber
  4. List all technology you need to get started
  5. Discuss common pitfalls and troubleshooting
  6. Understanding discoverability as a VTuber/PNGTuber
  7. Setting up your avatar

VTubing Basics

What You Need So what are some basics you should know before you dive into the world of VTubing? We spoke to industry professionals of various sizes and experiences to bring you everything you need to know when getting started.  Do Your Research There is so much space for creative liberty and imagination when creating a VTuber avatar, so doing your research is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. KeyokkuShe/He/TheyKeyokku, otherwise known as Key or Emi, is a VTuber, Twitch streamer, illustrator, designer, singer, songwriter and writer. They have a professional background as a brand strategist, product & graphic designer, entrepreneur, commission artist for VTuber models & streaming overlays. Key regularly provides VTuber assets and educational resources to new and existing community members, and facilitates community servers and events. “Before commissioning any artist or rigger, be sure to plan it out! Have a reference/mood board full of images, notes and inspiration for how you want your character to be – that would help artists greatly. Take your time, step by step!” Here are the most important things to keep in mind when beginning your VTubing journey: Salamimeatsthey/it (he/him OK!)VTuber Salamimeats is a bunny-rabbit God who runs a deli - with the power of 100% vegan friendly meat! Come swing by the deli for a bite to eat and a chance to chat with an ancient deity. “There are other VTubers out there who want to be your friend and are willing to help you out, you are never alone in your journey. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others, there are a bunch of VTuber communities you can be a part of!” Character Creation & Lore The best place to start is to decide what kind of VTuber you want to be. Some creators...

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