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Streaming Etiquette

Oftentimes Twitch feels like the Wild West of the internet, where anything goes. But, there are long-term costs to letting anything slide in your stream spaces.  Below are some do’s and don’ts for Viewers, Moderators, and Streamers on Twitch.  Etiquette for Viewers Viewer Do’s Read the stream rules. These pop up before you can engage in a stream’s chat. Reading the rules helps you navigate the boundaries of a space, and if you feel comfortable with those boundaries.  Read the panels for a streamer. Generally, any FAQs can be answered in panels, as well as providing you with some information about a streamer. Read the tags because they will help you know what boundaries are in the space. If there are commands for viewers, feel free to use them!  Uplift the streamer within comfortable boundaries: If you really enjoy a streamer’s space, you can signal boost them on social media.  If you are unsure of what the rules are for the streaming space, ask for clarification from either a mod or the streamer, whichever is preferable in the space.  If you are made uncomfortable in a stream, you can message a mod instead of airing out grievances in the stream chat. Whispers are a great way to communicate with a mod if something occurs in a stream. This way, the stream can keep going smoothly and the situation can be handled behind the scenes. Viewer Don’ts  Do not shout out anyone unless you are a mod. Moderators are there to moderate the stream, while you are there to enjoy the space but not to manage it.  Do not self-promote. Imagine someone coming into your house and talking about how great their house is instead. That’s how self-promotion feels to a streamer when someone self-promotes in their stream. This is not...

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