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New SolarStream Content August

Howdy Cadets, we’re happy to see you. We have updates for you all – our new SolarStream content for August.

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their summer in whatever capacity “an awesome summer” may look like for you. At SolarStream we have had a productive summer – we celebrated the re-launch of our StreamerSquare Newsletter, ran two successful GrowYourStream (GYS) Workshops on the StreamElementsHQ Twitch page, and launched our all new VTubing Course on

Did you know that you can check out the VODs of those GYS workshops if you missed them? Workshop One | Workshop Two

As we slowly transition to fall, SolarStream is still blasting full-steam ahead with three new modules to introduce to you.

Buckle up cadets, we’re diving right in!

New Module List – August Content Drop

Pre-Check: Thinking about upgrading your stream? SolarStream has you covered! We are going to help you find out where to go from the basics by discussing your individual needs. Just remember, upgrades don’t have to be daunting if you know what you’re looking for to benefit your needs.

Self & The Streamer: We want to get you ready for a productive fall so we’ve prepared two courses in this category for this month. In our Goal Setting course we have added a module thats focused completely on time management. Let us teach you how to harness the power of The Eisenhower Matrix and gain insight on industry tips for getting things done.

In this same category we have decided to focus on a complex concern in the world of content creation called the ”Always-On Mentality”. We’re going to to walk you through what exactly the phenomenon is and how to recognize it in yourself.

We hope you enjoy our August content and we will see you next month for more.

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