TwitchCon 2023 Dates and Locations Announced

TwitchCon 2023

Twitch has finally revealed the dates and locations for TwitchCon 2023. Twitch will hold two conventions, one in Europe over the summer and another in North America later this year. But Twitch is headed for two brand new locations: Paris and Las Vegas.

TwitchCon Paris will be held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles on July 8-9.

TwitchCon Las Vegas will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 20-22.

For the first time since TwitchCon was started in 2015, the US-based convention for Twitch streamers is happening outside Twitch’s home base of California. TwitchCon 2023 will instead take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This confirms many’s suspicions after the leak by hotel booking service Passkey had shown TwitchCon Las Vegas dates on January 30th. Soon after the leak had gained traction, the portal for TwitchCon tickets was updated to hide the information.

TwitchCon 2023 Tickets

While Twitch has announced the dates for this year’s gathering of streamers and viewers alike, the actual tickets for TwitchCon are currently not on sale. Still, Twitch has released the hotel booking portals for both TwitchCon Paris and TwitchCon Las Vegas so you can book your hotel and begin making travel arrangements if you plan on attending.

✈️ TwitchCon Paris hotel booking

✈️ TwitchCon Las Vegas hotel booking

TwitchCon Vegas Takes Place One Year After Gambling Stream Crackdown

Twitch’s decision to host a convention in Las Vegas has drawn scrutiny from the community, considering the controversy that has surrounded gambling and Twitch streaming.

Last year, some of the top Twitch streamers like Pokimane threatened to boycott Twitch unless they addressed the situation around allowing streamers to gamble and play slots with real money on the platform.

Twitch followed up with a statement and update to their Community Guidelines in October 2022 to further prohibit streaming specific gambling sites such as Stake, the most prominent site used by streamers like Trainwreck, xQc, and Roshtein.

To have TwitchCon 2023 take place in Las Vegas almost exactly a year after tightening their policies on gambling streams is definitely amusing, but planning venues for conventions is done far more than a year off.

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