Twitch Front Page FAQ

Twitch Front Page FAQ

Getting boosted on Twitch’s front page is a great way to expose your content to a much larger pool of potential viewers. Being on the front page of Twitch is undoubtedly great if you’re looking to raise funds for an important cause, or if you’d like to shoot your shot at higher visibility on the platform. 

Twitch Front Page Requests No More?

Is There No More Twitch Front Page?

June 27, 2023: StreamerSquare discovered that Twitch would be sunsetting Partner requests to be on the Front Page while researching this article. Check out what Twitch Support had to say regarding front page requests in the image below!

lowco: Hello! I was wondering what the requirements are for front page promotion?
twitch support agent: Twitch Support is evaluating the opportunities available to Partners through our Help Portal. As we are exploring new and scalable ways to facilitate promotion requests, we are sunsetting the current experience. Twitch Support is not forwarding new front page requests at this time.
lowco: umm okay when will we be able to request front page promotion?
twitch support agent: At this time, we're not accepting any Front Page requests. Should anything changes, our team(s) will get in touch with you.
lowco: Is there a timeline for when it will be available again?
twitch support agent: Unfortunately, that's all the info I have right now.

Twitch themselves have not commented on anything regarding the changes to Front Page, or any potential changes to the process.

Lowco dropped this new info in a tweet that was met with varying responses from Twitch Streamers. From the replies, it looks like quite a few Twitch Partners were either unaware of this request process entirely. Or they believed the system to be significantly unfair and in-need of a re-work.

Since creators don’t seem to love the process, this is the perfect time to try something new and create a more equal and transparent process for creators everywhere. 

Tweet us @StreamerSquare and tell us what you think! What kind of process are you looking for if Twitch changes the Front Page request process?

Number Requirements for Twitch Front Page?

Are there specific number requirements to be on the Front Page of Twitch? Let’s break this down. Back when you could apply for a Front Page slot, it looks like there were specific eligibility requirements.

StreamerSquare has confirmed this through multiple Twitter sources. In an email interaction with Shania_ttv, Twitch denied her request, citing a lack of subscribers. Twitch Support listed four requirements to be on the Front Page, bolding the requirements that her channel did not meet altogether. Shania was not the only creator who cited this list of requirements. SlyTheFox also spoke out on Twitter about the hidden requirements in an email from Twitch Support.

Twitch Partner Front Page Request Requirements?

  • You must have been a Partner for at least eight months
  • You must be a Partner in Good Standing
  • You must have maintained over 200 subscribers (excluding gifted or Twitch Prime subscriptions) to your channel each month for the past three or more months
  • You cannot have had a Front Page event spotlight for your channel in the past six months

If Twitch really is creating a new way to distribute Front Page slots, we can only hope for transparency. Creators want:

  • Clearly stated requirements for Front Page, available publicly for users to access.
  • Equal and fair opportunities to be on the Front Page of Twitch, without bias.
  • Make creators aware of ways to boost their streams by sharing these opportunities with all eligible creators.

Twitch’s Front Page FAQ

“Do streamers pay to be on Twitch’s Front Page?”

Nope! There is currently no way for streamers to pay Twitch directly for a spot on the Front Page.

“Does Stream Quality Matter for Front Page?”

Increasing the quality of stream is definitely a sure fire wire to up the likelihood of showing on the front page. Twitch is going to showcase creators who represent the company well.

Looking for how to get the best stream setup? Here are three FREE courses to get you ready for Front Page:
Streaming Software Basics
Introduction to Twitch
Streaming Equipment Basics

“Will the Twitch Streamer Survey Get Me on the Front Page?”

In your Creator Dashboard settings, there’s an option to fill out a survey that helps Twitch have a better idea of what communities and identities make up the creators streaming on their platform. Basically by filling out the form, you opt into allowing Twitch to invite and recruit you for opportunities based on the demographics you’re a part of. 

Streamer Community Survey, found in the Settings Tab of the Creator Dashboard

“Does Boosting Get You on the Front Page of Twitch?”

There are currently two ways to boost your channel:

Firstly, Twitch has been experimenting with a feature called Boost Train. Twitch’s Boost Train takes the Hype Train to a new level, allowing viewers to purchase bits and subscriptions to unlock a reward that boosts your channel’s promotion on the website. The more levels you get the more impressions you’ll get – your stream will appear Recommended for a certain number of viewers. 

Caution! It’s currently unclear how beneficial it is to boost a stream. So we advise caution if you’re able to utilize this feature.

Twitch has tried in the past to experiment with viewers being able to pay directly to boost but it did not go over well with the community. Currently this feature is not available to all channels or at all times.

The second way is called Community Boosting. Join Community Challenges by having your viewers rack up Channel Points. Once you’ve joined a challenge, up to 2,000 channel points can be collected per day to be used to boost your channel. Once boosted, your channel is more likely to appear in the “Live Channels We Think You’ll Like” section on the Front Page. 

This feature is only available to Affiliates and Partners. 

“Twitch Front Page for Charity?”

Before Twitch made changes, Twitch Partners used to be able to request front page slots for charity or advocacy streams. Since Twitch has sunset the process, there isn’t a way to request charity slots.

If your charity is affiliated with or works with Twitch directly, you can always inquire if their PR team can assist in contacting Twitch to ask for a Front Page slot. This can boost overall outreach and will create a more successful charity event.

“Twitch’s Front Page for Tournaments?”

Twitch regularly holds tournaments where all streamers on the platform can join in the fun. When you join a tournament, it not only increases your viewership, but it can help you grow your brand or niche for your content if you’re looking to do so. Try to join a tournament for a game that you’re good at and enjoy. It is a competition after all, and the longer you stay in, the higher your visibility grows.

“Can Sponsors Get You on Twitch’s Front Page?”

Sponsorships are great for ad revenue when it comes to Twitch, so sponsored streams get more attention on the front page compared to regular streams. It can be difficult to land sponsorships as a smaller streamer. It helps to establish your platform and credibility as a creator so companies know what type of content you’ll deliver and that you have the potential to bring in new potential customers, clients or service users. 

This also means they’ll be more likely to work with you. Many creators pitch directly to brands using a pitch deck and media kit. You can also head to our Opportunities section to see if there are any potential sponsorship opportunities you want to shoot your shot at. 

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