The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Branding

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Let’s ask an existential question: Do you know who you are? Sure, you have a name – most of us do – and maybe you’ve even decided on a fun username to go by. You may even already have a cool logo or signature photo you use to identify yourself. But have you ever really […]

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Building Your Brand TwitchCon 2016

Building Your Brand to Maximize Opportunities [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

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For the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 Panel Recap post. VoD link: FrankerZ Theater Day Two Moderator: SeltzerPlease (Rachel Quirico) Participants: djWHEAT (Marcus Graham), CSA_Andrew (Andrew Tomlinson), BmKibler (Brian Kibler), Stepleton6 (Luke Stepleton) Most of the following points are presented with the goal in mind of streaming as a career/business. These […]

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