Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops

Twitch, the online platform for live streaming, is home to millions of content creators who broadcast their gaming, creative work, chats, and even their daily lives to audiences worldwide. While it’s already quite engaging and dynamic, Twitch took interactivity to another level with the introduction of a feature called ‘Twitch Drops.’ This article aims to explain what Twitch Drops is, how it works, and why it’s a boon for streamers.

What are Twitch Drops?

Simply put, Twitch Drops are free items or rewards that viewers can earn while watching their favorite streamers. These ‘drops’ can include in-game content (like new characters, skins, or weapons), exclusive emotes, or even game keys. The idea is to reward viewers for their time and engagement on the platform.

This feature works with both live streams and reruns, but it’s not universal. The game developer or publisher must partner with Twitch to offer drops. Hence, Twitch Drops are more common with larger games that have the resources to provide such rewards.

How do Twitch Drops work?

The process of earning Twitch Drops is relatively straightforward but does require some initial setup:

  1. Link Accounts: To begin, viewers must link their Twitch account to the account of the game they’re watching. This process varies by game, but instructions are typically provided on the game’s official website.
  2. Watch Streams: Once accounts are linked, viewers simply need to watch streams that have Drops enabled. Streamers will usually highlight if they have Drops enabled, and Twitch often features a small tag or label near the stream title to signify this.
  3. Claim Rewards: After watching for a certain amount of time, a notification pops up letting the viewer know they’ve earned a Drop. This reward can then be claimed directly within Twitch and will appear in their linked game account.

Streamers can access the Drops campaign page in the Creator Dashboard (Viewer Rewards -> Drops) to view all upcoming Twitch Drops campaigns including information on how to participate in a campaign.

Twitch Drops Can Help Streamers Grow

Twitch Drops offer significant advantages to streamers, making the feature a strategic tool for growth and engagement.

  1. Increased Viewer Engagement: The prospect of earning exclusive rewards often encourages viewers to watch streams for longer durations. Higher viewer engagement can boost the stream’s visibility on Twitch, attracting even more viewers.
  2. Enhanced Loyalty: By offering Drops, streamers can foster a sense of loyalty among their viewers. If viewers know they can receive rewards from watching a particular streamer, they’re more likely to return.
  3. Potential for New Viewers: Twitch Drops can attract new viewers who might not have otherwise discovered the streamer. For instance, if a popular game offers Drops, fans of that game might tune into streams they would normally pass over in hopes of earning the rewards.
  4. Promotion and Partnership Opportunities: Finally, having Drops enabled can open doors to additional promotional and partnership opportunities. Game developers and publishers might take notice of streamers who successfully utilize Drops and approach them for potential collaborations.

Other Kinds of Drops

Just like Twitch, YouTube has ventured into rewarding viewer loyalty with a Drops program of its own. However, this feature isn’t as widely recognized as its Twitch counterpart. YouTube Drops function similarly, offering viewers a chance to win digital rewards while consuming their preferred content. As streamers, diversifying your platforms can help reach a broader audience and YouTube Drops can be a strategic addition to your viewer engagement tactics.

Furthermore, beyond these mainstream platforms, innovative third-party programs such as DareDrop are emerging in the digital arena. DareDrop offers streamers the opportunity to register for a diverse range of games, from major titles to indie gems. By participating, streamers can earn prizes like game codes which can then be used as giveaways for their viewers.

Drops is an innovative feature that serves as a win-win for everyone involved. Viewers get a chance to earn exclusive rewards just by tuning into their favorite streams, while streamers enjoy increased engagement, loyalty, and exposure. It’s a fun, interactive way to take the stream viewing experience to the next level.

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Lowco, StreamerSquare CEO

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