Streaming Tabletop Games [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

Streaming Tabletop Games TwitchCon 2016

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Sandstorm Theater Day One
Moderator: Reecius
Participants: InControlTV, TuxedoGiraffe

  • There is a viewership presence on Twitch for tabletop games such as Warhammer
  • Streaming Tabletop is very difficult, but it’s becoming easier
  • Presentation is important
  • Challenges
    • Dealing with 3D reality: players are moving around, sound and video are coming from different directions
      • At minimum, have two different camera angles
      • Players tend to accidentally block cameras
      • The more camera angles the better!
    • Requires a team of people to really run smoothly
    • Viewers want to see your miniatures, camera work that focuses up close to highlight the features of the models is super beneficial
  • Settle expectations with your players before your stream
    • Make them aware of your rules i.e swearing/no swearing
    • Camera locations
    • Personality
      • Would they be enjoyable to watch?
      • Too salty?
      • Too quiet?
      • A good player dynamic is important
  • Marketing
    • Social media advertising
      • Purchasing ad space on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • Pull videos from your Twitch streams and make them into YouTube highlights
    • What sets yourself apart from the crowd?
    • Be aware of algorithms for social media
      • Social media algorithms are always changing
      • Make sure your posts are reaching as many people as possible
  • Dedication and consistency are important
  • Tailor your stream to what game you are playing
    • Lighting, for example, could do blue lights for a cybernetic theme
    • Graphics to match the theme
  • Engaging chat is beneficial
    • Someone from behind the scenes that can directly respond to messages or even read it out so the players can respond
  • Balance between conveying what is happening in the game without spoiling the competitive aspect of it
  • Software
  • Hardware
    • Video card not as important
    • Processor is important
    • Eventually, you will want one computer designated just for streaming, another computer in charge of switching cameras and controlling other production elements
    • Camera Switcher
    • Microphone – Shure SM7B
      • Pop filter is important
      • RPG – fixed mic
      • Tabletop – overhead/boom mic
    • Camera
      • Dice cam
        • Use BIG casino dice with pips
        • Picture-in-Picture to always show dice
      • Free-roaming camera with zoomable lens
  • Production Team
    • Equipment manager and director as separate roles
    • Technical difficulties are devastating, need one person dedicated to making sure everything is working and stay focused
  • Make the most of your equipment, go through your equipment manuals
  • Budgeting – consider cables, adapters, and accessories into your budget because it adds up
  • Audio tip – hang up a blanket or drape in the room to prevent sound from bouncing off walls

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