10 Ways to Support Your Favorite Streamer for Free

Hey there, fellow Twitch fans! We all have our favorite streamers, and we want to support them in every way possible. But did you know that you can help them grow without spending a cent? Here’s 10 free ways to support your favorite streamer!

Here are 10 easy and enjoyable actions you can take to boost your favorite Twitch streamers and become an awesome part of their community.

1. Show Up and Support Your Favorite Streamers When You Can

Being a regular viewer makes a huge difference for streamers. So, whenever you have some free time, tune in to their streams. Your presence alone can brighten their day and contribute to a more engaging community.

2. Free Stream Engagement Through Active Chatting and Stream Interaction

Chats are the lifeblood of a lively stream. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and chat with other viewers to create an interactive and fun atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

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3. Follow Free Socials Outside of Streaming Platforms

Keep up with your favorite streamer by following them on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This way, you’ll stay updated on their activities and show your support for their content.

4. Engage with Going Live Tweets to Maximize Streamer Outreach

When a streamer tweets that they’re going live, don’t hesitate to like, retweet, or comment on their post. This simple act can increase their visibility and bring new viewers to their channel.

5. Send Encouraging and Kind Words

Streaming can be tough, so why not spread some positivity?

Share your appreciation for their content, compliment their efforts, and keep those good vibes flowing.

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6. Clip Epic Moments for Streamers

Creating clips of memorable moments from a stream is an awesome way to showcase a streamer’s best plays or funny incidents.

Share these clips with your friends and on social media to attract new viewers and spread the love.

7. Show Up and Engage in Streamers’ Sponsorships and Paid Opportunities

When a streamer has sponsored content or brand partnerships, your support means even more. Tune in to these streams and engage with the content to show sponsors that the streamer has an active and dedicated community.

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8. Use Your Free Twitch Prime to Support Your Favorite Streamer

Got Amazon Prime?

Don’t forget to use your free Twitch Prime subscription each month to support your favorite streamer without spending any extra cash.

9. Use Influencer Affiliate Links to Get Sweet Deals in Support

Many streamers have affiliate links or codes for products and services. Planning to make a purchase? Use their links or codes to support them financially at no additional cost to you.

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10. Tell a Friend About Your Favorite Creator to Help Them Grow for Free

Word of mouth is super powerful. If you enjoy a streamer’s content, share your excitement with friends, family, or social media followers. The more people you introduce to their community, the more likely they are to succeed.

Supporting your favorite Twitch streamers can be fun and free!

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With these 10 simple yet impactful ways, you can make a real difference in their success and contribute to the growth of their community. Remember, every little bit helps, and your continued support can pave the way for your favorite streamer’s future achievements.


Lowco, StreamerSquare CEO

Twitch Partner Lowco has been a full-time streamer for over seven years. She uses her experience to help others learn how to stream and hone their talents as the CEO of StreamerSquare. Formerly a client of Online Performer’s Group, she’s taken what she’s learned from working with sponsors to help streamers value themselves better. She’s worked with a variety of brands including Intel, Hershey’s, and Marvel. Lowco has an eye for how streamers can improve their channel, themselves, and strategic positioning to grow in this space.

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