How to Identify Viewer Pronouns in Twitch Chat

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In today’s diverse and inclusive digital environment, it’s increasingly important to respect and understand individual identities. This extends to platforms like Twitch, where streamers and viewers engage in real-time interactions. One way to foster a respectful and welcoming community is by recognizing and using correct pronouns for your community members.

Here’s a guide on how to see your Twitch viewers’ pronouns in chat.

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are words used to refer to someone without using their name. Common pronouns include ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘they’, and even ‘I’, ‘you’, and ‘we’. As a streamer, pronouns come into play when you are talking about one of your viewers or even bringing them on your stream through Guest Star or another tool.

How to Identify a Twitch Viewer’s Pronouns

Twitch doesn’t natively support the display of viewers’ pronouns directly in the chat. However, many viewers have found ways to incorporate their pronouns, either in their usernames or by mentioning them in their messages.

There are third-party bots and extensions that can be integrated into Twitch which allow users to set their pronouns, making it easier for the streamer and other viewers to see.

A picture of Twitch chat with user Alejo_47 saying Hello! in chat. Next to his username we can see a He/Him pronoun badge.

Twitch Chat pronouns by Alejo is a popular browser extension that lets Twitch viewers opt-in to setting their pronouns. Any viewer can set their pronouns through this site and anyone using the extension will be able to see a viewer’s pronouns next to their username in chat.

How to set up the Twitch Chat pronouns extension:

  1. Visit the website and sync your Twitch account.
  2. Set your pronouns.
  3. Click the Chrome or Firefox logo in the top left corner to install the extension.

You can also install this extension as an add-on directly in your FrankerFaceZ Control Center.

A screenshot of the FrankerFaceZ control center. You can search 'pronoun' in the add-on section to find it.

Why It’s Helpful to Know Viewer Pronouns

Understanding and using the correct pronouns can have a positive impact on your streaming environment. Here’s why:

  1. Creates a Respectful Space: By acknowledging and using the correct pronouns, you’re showing viewers that you respect their identity. This can make your stream a safer and more welcoming space for all. A more inclusive space literally means including more people. If you want to get more viewers, create a space that includes more people!
  2. Avoids Accidental Offense: It’s easy to mistakenly use the wrong pronoun, especially if you’re basing it on usernames or avatars. Many streamers make the mistake of assuming a chatter is a man but that is definitely not always the case. By knowing the correct pronouns upfront, you can avoid unintentional slip-ups.
  3. Builds Stronger Connections: Interactions on Twitch are more than just content sharing – they’re about community building. Viewers want to feel connected to you and fellow community members. When viewers feel seen and acknowledged, it fosters a stronger sense of belonging.
  4. Sets a Positive Example: As a streamer, you have the power to influence and set trends. By actively promoting a space that respects pronouns, you encourage others to do the same. Even though it may not seem like a big deal to you, it resonates with many people around you.

Recognizing and using correct pronouns on Twitch is a simple step with positive benefits. It not only enriches the streaming experience for you and your community members but also paves the way for a more inclusive and respectful digital culture.

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