How to Grow Your Twitch Stream

Everyone wants to become a streamer. Streaming sites like Twitch are more saturated than ever and growing on Twitch seems impossible these days. 

Good news for you! It’s still very possible to grow a Twitch stream. 

A lot of the strategies these days focus on growing on other social media platforms and leveraging discoverability and success on outside platforms to drive people to watch you stream live.

Let’s talk about what you can do on Twitch to grow your stream and what you can do on other social media platforms to grow.

Understand Discoverability on Twitch

The most critical thing you can do as an aspiring content creator is learning what the current meta or algorithm is for the social media sites you use! 

These algorithms are always changing so it’s important to experiment regularly, innovate, and adapt

Look at what successful creators are doing on any social media platform. Do they use hashtags? What trends do they lean into? How do they edit their video?

There’s so much you can learn from observing what successful content creators do because they likely understand how the current algorithm works and are leaning into it.



Dizzy is an American variety streamer focusing on Open World games such as Don't Starve, Terraria, RimWorld and Minecraft - as well as various MMOs. Dizzy has a special focus on inclusivity, especially when it comes to learning other languages. He currently knows English and is learning Russian for the sake of communicating better with the world and singing songs on TikTok.

“Be patient. The TikTok algorithm is really strange. You never know what’s going to land. Keep trying, keep experimenting. Be willing to interact with your audience and eventually you’ll find something that works for you.”

How to Grow on Twitch

Many people complain about discoverability on Twitch and we agree. It is challenging to grow just by Twitch streaming. There are very few things in your control that can help you get discovered, which is why it is recommended to utilize other social media platforms with better discoverability in order to grow your stream.

Still, there are a few things you can do on Twitch to help grow your channel:

Quality Check

This one seems obvious but a lot of streamers fall short here simply by not reviewing their own VODs.

What’s a VOD? That’s the video that gets saved on your channel of your livestream!

After a stream, reviewing the video footage. Check and look for pixelated video, audio imbalances or background noises, instances of dead air. Put yourself in the shoes of a viewer who has no idea who you are, would you watch this stream?

Title and Tags

These are one of the few things you can customize and test to see what title will get people to click on your stream and which tags are people searching for.

We highly suggest you think thoughtfully about the title of your stream. Maximize the allowed tags to see if people will find you.

Category Selection

This one is entirely in your control and could be the difference between 0 viewers and 100.

Generally, you want to find stream categories that are not completely empty but also not so busy that if you were to look for your stream in the directory, you’d have to scroll endlessly to find it.

Discover how to further grow your stream…

It is possible to grow your Twitch stream and incorporating these tips will put you ahead of the game.

Growing your stream: how to get discovered on Twitch, discovery on other platforms, marketing & networking tips

For a more comprehensive guide on growing your Twitch stream, be sure to check out our “Growing Your Stream” course. This course dives deep into these methods and other social media platforms for proven ways to grow.

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