October 21, 2016

Where’s Waldo: Creating Your Unique Space in a Sea of Sameness [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

Creating Your Unique Space TwitchCon 2016

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VoD link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconsandstorm/v/93348749
Sandstorm Theater Day One
Moderator: Kiraeyl
Participants: Dr. Patricia Todd (Peiylar), George D (itsdehprey)

  • Logos
    • Represent your brand
  • Creating brand loyalty
    • Have a story – people remember stories and can connect to them
    • Perception is reality: understand how your audience sees you
  • Ask Yourself
    • Who am I?
    • Who is my audience?
    • How am I different from competitors that are similar to me?
  • Be brutally honest with yourself
    • Don’t sell yourself short but don’t give yourself too much credit
    • You can’t trust your viewers to give you the honest truth
    • Look at your stream from an outsider’s perspective
  • Online brand communities
    • The desire to fit in and the desire to belong
      • What can you do to make your viewers feel this way?
    • Create an emotional connection and become part of your viewers’ identity
  • Characteristics streamers possess:
    • Personality
    • Charisma
    • Attitude
    • Passion
    • Engagement
    • Empathy
  • Your brand is created by how you present in ALL AREAS, not just your stream
  • Consistency in how you present yourself
    • Your viewers are looking to connect to you
    • Too unpredictable can create disconnect
  • Viewer motivations (based on a survey)
    • Most significant
      • The broadcaster is trustworthy
      • The broadcaster is enjoyable to watch
    • Least significant
      • The broadcaster is an expert in the game
      • The broadcaster is experienced
      • Attractiveness
  • Layers
    • Outer layer – relevancy
      • Your stream criteria overlaps with the needs of a viewer
      • Viewer count, title, game category, overlay
    • Authenticity Core
      • Originality, honesty, integrity, clarity of purpose, consistency
  • Seven deadly sins of personal branding
    • Negativity
    • Irrelevance
    • Disrespect
    • Disengaged
    • Inconsistent
    • Fake
    • Loss of community
  • QnA
    • Finding the vision for artwork
      • Seek out a quality designer
        • They will help lay out a branding guide
        • Help you figure out color schemes, logo
      • Don’t rebrand too often
    • Finding consistency with more than one person being your brand
      • Transparency
        • If you’re sick one day, your viewers will understand missing a day
      • If you aren’t streaming together, branding yourself as a duo will be difficult

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