October 18, 2016

Voice Acting on Twitch [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

Voice Acting on Twitch TwitchCon 2016

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VoD link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconfrankerz/v/92237135?t=09m56s
FrankerZ Theater Day One
Moderator: Elspeth
Participants: GassyMexican, ZombieUnicorn, Margaret Krohn, georgiavanc

  • Streaming and voice acting help each other out quite a bit because you’re always busy with your voice and audio.
  • Using different voices can make games more entertaining to play and watch.
  • Voice acting is a good and fun way to deal with trolls in multiplayer games.
  • Use video game characters as a reference point for new voices you’re going to use.
  • Some of the introductions into voice acting were making machinima videos, theater, and local radio commercials.
  • Livestreams are a great way to try out new voices, practice, and get exposure for your voice acting. Your audience’s reaction will let you know if your voice is working or not.
  • It’s happening more and more that casters get contacted by devs because they’ve watched the stream and liked the voices they were doing.
  • Try and find a level of comfort where you can keep up the use of a certain voice without destroying it.
  • Using a catchphrase helps to get into character.

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