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What is a stream team? According to Twitch, stream teams are a way to “unite and connect streamers.” Often communities of streamers gathered under a shared mission statement or values. Some teams are purely for leisure and friendship, whereas others have goals of networking, education, charity work and more. Each team can vary greatly in […]

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Text: The Pandemic's Impact on Content Creators. Image shows a desk with a calculator, notebook, pen, a pink piggy bank and stacks of coins. There is a person with two hands, one holding coins and the other dropping coins into the piggy bank.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Content Creators

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During the time of the pandemic that many countries were under lockdown to keep folks safe, there was an increase in new streamers and viewers on Twitch. As described by Satch Garlock in an article from theChimes, “The pandemic [gave] viewers more time to binge-watch their favorite creators, as well as spawn[ed] a new generation […]

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