October 17, 2016

Education Row Day Three [TwitchCon 2016 Panel Recap]

TwitchCon 2016 Education Row Day Three

For the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 Panel Recap post.

How to Increase Viewer Engagement Using Rewards

VoD Link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconedu/v/93408131
Participants: Alex (head of partnerships and growth @ Revlo)

  • Revlo
    • Fans earn points from watching your stream.
    • Use those points to get rewards
  • Types of rewards
    • Community
      • “I’ll voice something”
    • Content
      • Name a Pokemon
    • Revlo
      • Pick new reward overlay
    • Monetary
      • Free album
  • Brainstorming rewards
    • Ask your community
    • Integrated into your content
  • Assortment
    • Average of 6 rewards
    • Different costs. Rewards variety
  • Awareness
    • In twitch chat
    • In twitch info page
    • On-stream promotion
    • Rewards overlay
  • (8:24) Q&A starts
  • Website – https://www.revlo.co

TL;DR: Revlo bot tracks how much your viewers watch and you can reward them!

Thoughts: Part of me doesn’t want to just say “they should have prepped a better presentation” but… they probably should have a prepped something more interesting. This came across as a really dry segment. I feel like everyone has had a boring class in school where your teacher had a power point and read off the slides and then everyone in class fell asleep. You don’t want that at a panel. This is all information you can either read in the about section on the site or a small brochure and they could have spent this time jazzing people up more about Revlo which is actually cool. You can probably skip right over this segment. You’d do better looking at the Revlo website for 5 minutes.

No BS Streaming with XSplit

VoD Link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconedu/v/93408631
Participants: Chris, (Host), sp00ky, AJ, LTZonda, UGRGaming

  • @ about 18:50 they bring on Logitech people to talk about the C922
    • Abbie (Social Media Manager @ Logitech), Steven (smkgaming05)
    • It has a tripod
    • 720p 60fps
    • Background replacement built in
      • (any solution I’ve used for this has been pretty sketchy. I wonder how this is.)
    • Comes with 3 months of XSplit or 6 months if you also get the tripod
    • Amazon listing – https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Stream-Streaming-Recording%C2%A0At-960-001176/dp/B01LXCDPPK
      • There might be a cheaper version but this has 6 months of XSplit and probably has the tripod or whatever.

TL;DR: inb4 I use OBS

Thoughts: This was pretty chill. If you know anyone on the first part of the panel, you could probably enjoy it a little bit. I’ve watched Spooky for years so hearing him talk about XSplit was kind of cool. This wasn’t really a “SELLING YOU ON XSPLIT SWITCH NOW” kind of thing, they were just talking. The second part about the C922 wasn’t that fancy either. If you saw the Amazon page for the thing and read the bullet points, you essentially got the same thing.

The Future of Gaming & Streaming in the Cloud

VoD Link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconedu/v/93408932
Participants: Ian McGlocklan (Liquid Sky)

    • Website up front – https://liquidsky.tv/
    • Cloud gaming PC. High performance PC hosted by them
      • Stream high performance games to any device. Included PCs, Mac, Linux and mobile devices
      • Under 30ms latency
      • Also stream straight to Twitch from the hosted PC/doesn’t use your upload or processing speed
  • References Onlive
    • Closed library – Now this is just a hosted PC, not hosted games
    • High latency – now there’s better internet
  • Issues
    • Latency in the house (wifi)
      • Explains buffering
  • (10:00) Q&A starts
    • Are we using your catalog or ours?
      • Liquid Sky is a “desktop as a service for gamers” company
    • What is privacy like?
      • Liquid Sky doesn’t look at what you do/install. Each instance you use also has the same kind of security your email might. Also, they have a strict no torrenting policy unless the game expressly uses it.

TL;DR: A computer in the cloud

Thoughts: The presentation was pretty good. Not much to complain about really. It was pretty technical so if someone told me they got bored watching the stream, I’d understand.

More about the product than the panel, I’m really skeptical with Liquid Sky. I’ve tried a few different streaming solutions, even in home streaming and they’ve all been less than great. I could do the thing, like a game streamed from one thing to another, but the quality of that stream varied. Whether it be Onlive, Playstation Now, or the PS4/Xbox One in house streaming, all these solutions had very little latency but it was too much already. I’ve discovered that I’m more sensitive to this than others but if I tried playing any fast paced video game, which is most video games these days, any response time that isn’t instant is unplayable. Obviously for some adventure games or a telltale game maybe, a little bit of latency is fine, but any major game these days, especially a competitive one, requires a closer, much faster response.

How to Home Studio for Streamers

VoD Link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconedu/v/93409369
Participants: Tracy Peterson (Founder, The AV Society)

    • See previous “How to Home Studio for Streamers” panel
      • Mixers – Behringer Xenyx 302USB
        • So, I’ve never used this one either. I actually did use the Xenyx 1002 but that was entirely analog and didn’t have the USB option. I mostly mention that because I don’t know how compatible it is. On the board, you’ve got a combination ¼ in/XLR input (there’s probably a fancy name for it but I don’t know it) and then you got the composite audio for the second channel OR it takes in audio from USB so you can route sound to it from your computer. I wonder if it sends the mix back. (UPDATE: He said you can send the audio back through USB). This seems like a pretty good starting out XLR based option.
      • Video IO
        • Capture devices
        • SDI vs HDMI
        • USB vs PCIe
      • Entry level brands
        • Blackmagic design
          • He mentioned a card having 4k options and I’m not exactly sure what he was talking about. A bunch of their higher end cards have SDI options but no Twitch streamer uses that. So, please don’t buy those haha. The Intensity Shuttle line has been around for a long time and it’s a great USB3/Thunderbolt option. I don’t know how updated it is. I think Tracy was specifically talking about this Intensity Pro 4k which is a PCIe card. It does up to 2160p30 which is a very odd number to look at. I’m gonna assume you won’t need that for a bit. BUT it does support 1080p60 which is cool. I know nothing about these cards. Blackmagic actually is really good for more traditional video production so I think this stuff won’t be too bad. The shuttle in my experience was really specific and relatively hard to use but pushed out a really good looking video. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/intensitypro4k
        • Elgato
        • Magewell
        • Blue
        • Turtle Beach
        • Gameshow, OBS, Xsplit
      • Further learning
        • Google:
          • 3 point lighting
          • Microphone polar patterns
          • White balance
          • Lighting color balance
          • Video resolutions explained
        • Other references
  • (26:40) Q&A!
    • What’s that thing you brought out earlier?!
      • X keys pad. It looks like his is this one
        • It’s a programmable USB keypad that you can program a bunch of macros to. You can switch scenes with it or something. It’s fancy. If your keyboard has macro keys, you’re probably good since this thing by itself is $130
    • What’s the difference between analog mixing and digital mixing?
      • Not much with how they sound.
      • Depends on the kind of control you want.
      • Also depends on the environment. Larger productions use more analog options usually

TL;DR: See previous “How to Home Studio for Streamers” panel

Build a Better Brand with Player.me

VoD Link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconedu/v/93409734
Participants: Chris, ??, sp00ky, ??

  • What is Player.me?
    • It helps you connect with your audience
  • Don’t try and be someone else, just try to be you
  • Being obsessed with numbers isn’t good
  • Stream to have a good time and build/interact with your community
  • Be consistent
  • “We are not playing games. We are making moments”

TL;DR: Maybe you can use this as you gaming based landing page?

Thoughts: Maybe I’m old and this is the last of all the education panels but man it’s hard to be excited about another social media profile. It’s hard to just have another social media profile when they don’t really have any added stuff from Challonge or anything. Even to the point of having a landing page, I already have one of those so even to have all my profiles linked in one place, I’m an internet hipster so I’m on top of that. Maybe for newer streamers or something this is cool but for me personally, I’m good.

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