July 21, 2023

NPC Streaming Has Taken Over TikTok – and it’s Coming to Twitch

NPC Streaming

As the creator world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing takes over. One such trend that’s been captivating audiences is NPC streaming, which has taken platforms like TikTok by storm and is surely making its way to Twitch.

What is NPC Streaming?

Non-Player Character (NPC) streaming is an innovative trend rapidly gaining popularity in the world of live streaming, particularly on TikTok. This unique format sees creators emulating NPCs, a concept drawn from video games where certain characters interact with players based on a set of pre-programmed dialogue options and actions. Instead of being game characters, however, NPC streamers are real individuals performing live.

How does NPC Streaming work?

The heart of NPC streaming lies in its interactive nature. Here, viewers become the puppet masters, guiding the actions of the streamer, much like directing a video game character. Viewers have the option to buy virtual coins which they can then use to purchase virtual gifts. When given, these gifts prompt specific phrases or actions from the streamer.

TikTok creator Pinkydoll, who is one of the people popularizing the trend, would say “ice cream so good” in response to being gifted a virtual ice cream cone. Similarly, Minecraft streamer NathanLIVE dramatizes his reactions to every gift, whether that means miming the act of eating a chocolate strawberry or pretending to slurp a virtual ice cream cone.

A TikTok livestream with creator Nerdywinter. They have an overlay with a cowboy hat and mustache temporarily as a viewer has activated the feature. The livestream has 9.5k viewers and 43.1k likes.
Nerdywinter has nearly 10k viewers during their NPC stream.

Why is NPC Streaming Catching On?

NPC streaming is winning the hearts of viewers and creators alike due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it offers an unprecedented level of viewer-streamer interaction. Viewers feel a sense of direct influence over the stream, as their actions elicit specific reactions from the streamer.

Secondly, there’s an element of suspense and anticipation, as viewers tune in with the hope of catching an NPC streamer breaking character, adding a layer of intrigue to the streaming experience.

Finally, NPC streaming is a lucrative opportunity for creators. The virtual gifts that viewers purchase to engage with the streamer are often worth real money, offering creators a new revenue stream that has many jumping on the bandwagon.



Twitch Partner Lowco has been a full-time streamer for over seven years. She uses her experience to help others learn how to stream and hone their talents as the CEO of StreamerSquare. Formerly a client of Online Performer’s Group, she’s taken what she’s learned from working with sponsors to help streamers value themselves better. She’s worked with a variety of brands including Intel, Hershey’s, and Marvel. Lowco has an eye for how streamers can improve their channel, themselves, and strategic positioning to grow in this space.

“NPC streaming is reaching its peak on TikTok and it’s going to absolutely pop-off on Twitch soon. If you’re a Twitch streamer looking to get in on the forefront, now is the time!”

How to NPC Stream

How to start npc streaming. 1. understand the concept. 2. design your character. 3. develop your responses. 4. promote interaction. 5. stay in character

If you’re a creator looking to dive into the world of NPC streaming, here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

  1. Understand the Concept. Start by understanding how NPCs work in video games. They operate on pre-determined dialogues and actions, which you should emulate in your streams.
  2. Design your character. The best way to create an immersive experience is by picking a theme or inspiration and designing a character. Write a backstory. Decide on the voice, the world, and the environment. You can even create a VTuber or wear a costume.
  3. Develop Your Responses. Create a list of specific phrases or actions that you will use in response to different gifts. These should be repetitive and automated-sounding to maintain the NPC aesthetic.
  4. Promote Interaction. Encourage your viewers to interact with you through the use of virtual gifts. The more they interact, the more dynamic your NPC stream will be.
  5. Stay in Character. Maintain your NPC persona throughout your stream. Remember, your viewers will be hoping to see you break character, so stick to your script as much as possible to keep the suspense alive.

NPC Streaming on Twitch

NPC Streaming on Twitch is still in the early stages of breaking into the meta. Twitch Partner Vio recently did an Among Us-themed NPC stream. Dressed as the red Among Us character, Vio would react to Twitch Bits given by viewers in chat with actions such as calling an emergency meeting, hearing someone go into a vent, and getting ejected into space. In just one 6-hour stream, Vio accrued more than 1,600 unique viewers and $1,400 dollars.

The difference between NPC streaming on TikTok and Twitch is there aren’t unique virtual items thrown at Twitch streamers. On TikTok, streamers can receive corn, ice cream, cat paws, and even a temporary wearable cowboy hat. On Twitch, it’s just bits, which isn’t very creative. It’ll be up to Twitch streamers to design an experience that feels interactive and immersive.

Production Automation

Take your NPC stream to the next level by using Aitum to create automated responses to gifts and other viewer interactions such as sounds, pop-ups, visual effects, or even switching scenes.

The world of live streaming is continuously evolving, and NPC streaming is a testament to this. With its high level of interactivity and the potential for financial gain, it’s a trend that creators and viewers alike can’t seem to resist.

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