October 21, 2016

The Future of Live Music [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

The Future of Live Music TwitchCon 2016

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VoD link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/93349679
Sandstorm Day One
Moderator: A_couple_streams
Participants: MacArthurLloyd, pianoimproman, ShannaNina, The8BitDrummer, LAIKA, SceneofActionMusic

  • With streaming, breaks a barrier, inviting viewers to be in the performer’s home or studio
  • There are platforms dedicated for streaming music
    • Rely on the performer having a pre-existing audience
  • Twitch is inviting for newcomers
    • There is an audience actively looking for musicians
    • Not as much competition currently
  • Why stream music on Twitch?
    • The technology is there
    • Built in community from gaming
    • Twitch is supporting creative
    • It’s not over-saturated
  • Why is streaming a better option?
    • Direct connection to your audience
    • Get immediate feedback
    • Momentum – no stagnation like with a normal recording cycle
    • Direct support – no middle man, receive tips, subscriptions for your work and performance
  • Involve your community
    • Give away music: powerful for promotion
      • Give away downloads to subscribers
      • Digital downloads
    • Giveaway physical CDs
    • Involve community in your music
      • Submitting audio
      • Voting on lyrics
    • Make your own custom merch
  • Big musical events on Twitch help bring more viewers to Twitch and the music category
  • Make an initiative to tell your friends about Twitch Music