Pretzel Music App for Streamers

Pretzel – a Music App for Streamers

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Listening to music while playing games is likely a common combination for many of us. Especially as more and more games have time-consuming, non-narrative intensive tasks like collecting x animal pelts or exploring this region or walking to that place. Whatever the case may be, playing music can be a nice way to take an […]

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The Future of Live Music TwitchCon 2016

The Future of Live Music [TwitchCon 2016 Panel]

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For the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap post. VoD link: Sandstorm Day One Moderator: A_couple_streams Participants: MacArthurLloyd, pianoimproman, ShannaNina, The8BitDrummer, LAIKA, SceneofActionMusic With streaming, breaks a barrier, inviting viewers to be in the performer’s home or studio There are platforms dedicated for streaming music Rely on the performer having a […]

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