October 21, 2016

When to Make the Switch to Grow Your Audience [TwitchCon Panel 2016]

When to make the switch to grow your audience TwitchCon 2016

For the complete list of panels, check out the main TwitchCon 2016 panel recap post.

VoD link: https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconsandstorm/v/93347091 & https://www.twitch.tv/twitchconsandstorm/v/93347552
Sandstorm Theater Day One
Participants: DJTechLive, UnholyTemptress, Brotatoe, DeejayKnight

  • Sticking to just one game all the time is difficult
    • Your audience will know if you aren’t enjoying the game you are playing
    • Can become dry when trying to make the same game seem fresh and interesting
  • Transitioning or expanding your game diversity
    • Expand to games in the same or similar genre
    • Expand to related games
    • Example: MMOs -> Mass Effect
  • Your stream will take a hit in viewership when you first diversify from your core game(s)
    • Having a good time will bring in new viewers and bring your old viewers along
    • Happy streamer = happy audience
  • Interaction is key
  • When not to focus on chat interaction
    • Don’t become reliant on chat
    • Be entertaining on your own
    • Gameplay commentary
  • Be natural, viewers will appreciate it and notice if you’re faking it
  • Develop a schedule, let your viewers know what you are planning to play ahead of time
    • Showing game trailers leading up to release + your playthrough
    • Plan and share a calendar
    • Doesn’t need to be set in stone
  • Ease your viewers into variety or new games
    • Especially if you are stuck in a game and wanting to play something else
      • Start with your core game, switch to a new game mid-stream
    • Let them know your plans in advance
  • Stat-tracking websites
    • Twinge
    • Muxy
    • Socialblade
    • Use statistics to find what games are doing well for you, your best time slots, etc.
  • Don’t care about people who leave
    • People change tastes, get busy with lives
    • Some will come back later to check on you
    • Focus on those that are there and newcomers that you can convert to regulars
  • Sometimes a game doesn’t work for your channel
    • Can’t force your audience into a game
    • Diving into an oversaturated game usually won’t work
    • Viewership isn’t everything, but if it tanks and stays that way with a game, you might consider dropping that game
  • QnA
    • Analyzing and selecting your time slot?
      • Position yourself before bigger streamers or an hour before a bigger streamer ends that is playing similar games as you
      • Find a time that works for you
      • Ask your viewers when they are available
    • Is it possible to start as a variety caster as a new streamer on Twitch nowadays?
      • True variety is not sustainable
      • Much better to find a genre to stick to when starting
    • How do you engage your audience to follow to a different game or genre?
      • There is a core audience that will follow you to any game
      • Nothing you can do about people who leave because they just don’t have interest
      • Instead of switching mid-stream, try setting different days

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