January Content Drop From SolarStream

Greetings, cadets!

You’ve been waiting patiently and today’s the day. Today, we bring you new content!

Want the lowdown on capture cards? Need help choosing a webcam for your content creation? Maybe you want insight on taking yourself from Twitch Affiliate to Twitch Partner? Our team has what you need and more. Below is a list of all new content for January 2022!

A detailed listing of all of January 2022’s new content offerings from SolarStream!

For our first content drop, we have a brand new course for you: Deep Dive: Capture Cards. This course covers everything from choosing a capture card to setting it up. Why should you use a capture card in the first place? Which is right for you, an internal or external capture card? Once you have one, how do you install your capture card? How do you set up software to utilize your capture card? We answer it all!

In addition to the new course, we’ve covered some new topics in existing courses.

Pre-Check: In the Accessibility course, we’ve added a new module on Inclusive Language. It’s important to make viewers feel comfortable in your stream. Changing your language and how you address your community is an accessible way to do just that. Reminder, this course is free to all users!

Self & The Streamer: How do people take their streaming careers to the next level? We’ve covered the first steps after becoming a Twitch Affiliate, but how do you set goals for yourself as a Twitch Affiliate? How do you push for Twitch Partner? We’ve added two new modules to our Twitch Affiliate: What Now? What Next? course that cover these questions in depth.

Tech & Equipment: Not everyone can afford a DSLR camera for content creation, nor is it a requirement as a streamer! In our newest module in the Deep Dive: Webcams & DSLRs course, we talk about the pros of webcams for content creation, tips & tricks for using a webcam for streaming, and have a few webcam recommendations once you’ve decided to go with one!

Business & Logistics: Finally, Tech Security is a big deal these days. Websites get hacked, emails and passwords are stolen, and everyday people are left scrambling to update all their info. As creators, protecting your online information is essential to protecting your brand. In our latest module, we teach you why Digital & USB Password Managers are a necessary addition to your digital security toolkit.

Ready to explore these exciting new topics? Get to it, cadet! The sky’s the limit, and this new content is the gear to help you get there. We’ve got a few website feature updates incoming as well, though we’re still running the last few gear checks. The skies are gonna be dark soon (but in a good way, we swear!).

There’s more to come next month, and we’ll be dropping our February 2022 content roadmap soon. Until then, stay safe among the stars, cadets!

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