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What to expect in this course:

Welcome to Tech Security! This is one of the most crucial aspects of online security, made even more critical when you’re an online personality. Not to worry, though; SolarStream is here to help!

If you want to check out StreamerSquare’s free resources on security, we’ve got an entire series on the matter – Protecting Yourself Online:

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Course Goals
  1. Identify the importance of 2-factor authentication and why you should use it
  2. Learn basic protective measures for your Twitch account
  3. Discuss digital and USB password managers for internet safety

Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is super important for keeping your accounts safe. It would suck to have your Twitch, Twitter, or other accounts hacked, resulting in getting you locked out, or worse, banned from the platform with no way to recover.  Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a common security measure that websites offer to add an extra level of protection to accounts. It is, quite literally, a second layer of security verifying that you are the true owner of the account you are attempting to log into. Common 2FA methods include – one-time passwords, email links, hardware tokens, SMS codes, backup codes, and authenticator apps. When To Use It Account security might not seem important to people who haven’t endured a critical breach, but once it all comes crashing down you suddenly realize what role it really plays. Twitch accounts have been hacked before and used to drain credit cards with bit purchases or streamed illicit material that then gets the account banned. Every website that requires a login is vulnerable. Websites get hacked, privacy data gets leaked, and passwords get exposed. If you use the same password everywhere and never change it up, you’re at even more risk. Remember, while having 2FA on your account can be annoying when you have to log in, it is far less annoying than if your account was hacked, which could result in financial fraud, the exposure of personal and private information, account banning, access to additional accounts of yours, and even potential legal trouble. That headache is significantly worse. We’ve got another course on Identity Security to take your safety and protection to the next tier. Carry on through to the next module below to go a bit deeper on 2FA with a solid video!

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