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What to expect in this course:

Welcome to our course on being a Twitch Affiliate! We tackle questions about what to do after you hit affiliate, new features and settings you should look into, how to make the most of your new status and all its qualities, emotes, badges, Twitch Drops, extensions, and more!
What’s more, we’ve got a StreamerSquare article that can totally get you squared away with the basics, or you can dive into a thorough workshop on everything Affiliate, top to bottom:
Course Goals:
  1. Successfully onboard as a Twitch Affiliate
  2. Discover next steps after becoming a Twitch Affiliate
  3. Let’s talk emotes, bits, ad revenue, channel points, and more!
  4. Identify goals and best practices that will help get closer to Twitch Partner

Twitch Affiliate - Now What?

First, I believe a huge celebration is in order – Affiliate is achieved! The perks? Emotes, a subscription button, and ad revenue! The difficulty? Knowing where to go from here. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered! This guide is designed from the ground up to help you navigate the steps after receiving a Twitch Affiliate offer. Setting Up Affiliate Before we dive into the filling that is the Affiliate pie, we need to do the technical things first. This means exactly what you think it means – PAPERWORK! I know, it’s everyone’s favorite task. But this is the only boring part, so knocking this out as soon as possible opens the door to the many fun aspects later. First, head to your Creator Dashboard. This can be found by left clicking your icon in the top right of Twitch. From there, check under Settings to find Affiliate. You will find everything you need to fill out here. First thing that should be done – READ THE AGREEMENT! Never sign anything that you haven’t read first. That’s true both here and as a general life lesson. The agreement has a lot of useful information about what the Affiliate status means, the perks mentioned before, and what you can (and cannot) do. If you plan to make any sort of revenue with streaming, learning this is a MUST to protect yourself. Let’s go over a few major points. Did you know that you can’t stream the same content to both Twitch and other platforms? Simultaneously streaming to multiple platforms is a no-go as an Affiliate (or Partner). What’s more, your VOD content (streams automatically saved to Twitch as Videos-On-Demand) must also remain exclusive to Twitch for their first 24 hours; you shouldn’t upload these VODs elsewhere, such as to YouTube, until...

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