September 2, 2016

TwitchAlerts Rebrands to Streamlabs

Streamlabs Rebrand

If you try visiting TwitchAlerts, you’ll notice you get directed to a site that looks exactly like TwitchAlerts called Streamlabs. As of September 1st, this is the new TwitchAlerts name going forward. For now, nothing else has changed but the name. However, Streamlabs will be redesigning their platform, allowing them to offer services to additional streaming websites, with YouTube specifically named.

If you’re a Twitch streamer using TwitchAlerts, you’ll need to change your TwitchAlerts links. They will still work, but the old URLs will be phased out, so it’s best to change it now to prevent any future issues.

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For the full scoop, check the TwitchAlerts blog.

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