December 6, 2017

Dreadnought Partner Program

Dreadnought Partner Program

Dreadnought, the team/class based spaceship action game has now opened their doors to their Partner Program.

Content creators can now apply and if accepted, will reap many benefits such as physical merchandise, a streamer kit, giveaway items, and more!Dreadnought Partner Program

Something interesting about this program is that it is split up into two tiers. Applicants will be reviewed at the start of each month based on their consistency and level of quality with content. If accepted to Tier 1, you will have full access to all the perks. If accepted at Tier 2, you will be identified for partial requirements but have the ability to advance to Tier 1 in the future.

Denial to the program should not dissuade you as you will have the ability to re-apply once your content evolves.

Additionally, this is available for content creators of all platforms. Whether you stream on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc. you can apply.

For the application form and full information about the program, visit this link: Dreadnought Partner Program Application Form


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