April 2022 Content Drop From SolarStream

Well hello there cadets!

April was a busy month for us over at SolarStream HQ, you know we’re always working hard to bring you more content! With FIVE new modules to share with you, there’s a variety of topics to push you forward in your content creation journey! So let’s get started!

New Module List – April 2022 Content Drop

Pre-Check: In our Streaming Basics course we added a module on Scheduling and Consistency. Balancing content creation with everything else happening in your life, can be difficult and can impact your streaming schedule. In this module we talk about why consistency is important and how to adapt when things don’t go to plan.

Self & The Streamer: We have some heavy, but super important topics to talk about this month in this category! In our Dealing with Harassment course we added a Tools to Aid Against Targeted Harassment module. We show you how to effectively use moderators, various bots and even yourself to pre-emptively protect your streaming space. Additionally, in our Self Care course we added a module dedicated to Burnout Resilience. What is burnout, how do we know it’s approaching and how do we handle it? In this module we will show you how to tackle all the major avenues of burnout.

Tech & Equipment: Two PCs are better than one, right?! Check out our new deep-dive module 2 PC Setup! We answer all your questions about dual PC builds for streaming, from start to finish. We walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up a dual PC setup. You can also join our Discord and give us a shout if you ever need help troubleshooting your dual setup.

Business & Logistics: Content creation means putting several aspects of our lives on the internet and it’s important to take steps to protect yourself when you do that. In our Identity Security module we’ve added Separating Streaming & Your Personal Life to our roster of classes.

There is tons of new stuff to get through with this content drop – so get started cadet! We’re excited for you to explore all our new modules for April 2022 and we will see ya next month for more.

Safe travels cadets!

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