December 18, 2016

Twitch Launches Twitch IRL: Your life, 24/7

Twitch IRL

Twitch has introduced a new streaming category: Twitch IRL. IRL is a very popular abbreviation that stands for In Real Life. Often a teasing use, IRL is used to tell people about something that happens outside of the “digital world”.

Your audience with you, 24/7

So, you’ve finished a game, don’t feel like doing another or just want to get out a little but don’t want to finish your stream? Or you are going to an awesome place and want to share your experience live with your community without them having to be there? In comes Twitch IRL! With this new feature, you can introduce your life to your audience and give them a behind the scenes view of who you are as a streamer. Think of it as if you’re streaming a live vLOG without the editing. You can go live at anytime under “IRL” or record a video and save later for broadcast. It eliminates the need to have to continue to play games while streaming and gives a more personal feel when talking with your audience. Twitch has modified the community guidelines to include these features and removed the restrictions to non-endemic content as well.

An audience in your pocket

Corresponding with the IRL update, Twitch announced that they will be releasing streaming to the Mobile App. Mobile Streaming will now be a THING with the App. So you can take your audience with you shopping, bowling, or even on that first date! This is a huge feature that has been requested often from Twitch, especially after Pokemon GO was such a huge hit upon release. If you would like to sign up for the Closed Beta, fill out this form and get to streaming!

For more information, check out the Twitch Blog.

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