Twitch new IRL and Creative Categories

Twitch Breaks Down IRL & Creative Categories

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  Twitch is hitting the stop button on one of the fastest growing genres of streaming in a long time: IRL. Instead, they are working on truly defining what IRL is and organizing it all into subcategories. These subcategories are: Art – Do you enjoy creating visual art in any form or fashion? All forms, […]

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Twitch IRL

Twitch Launches Twitch IRL: Your life, 24/7

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Twitch has introduced a new streaming category: Twitch IRL. IRL is a very popular abbreviation that stands for In Real Life. Often a teasing use, IRL is used to tell people about something that happens outside of the “digital world”. Your audience with you, 24/7 So, you’ve finished a game, don’t feel like doing another […]

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