Twitch Breaks Down IRL & Creative Categories

Twitch new IRL and Creative Categories


Twitch is hitting the stop button on one of the fastest growing genres of streaming in a long time: IRL. Instead, they are working on truly defining what IRL is and organizing it all into subcategories. These subcategories are:

  • Art – Do you enjoy creating visual art in any form or fashion? All forms, digital or traditional, belong here!
  • Hobbies and Craft – Do you want to make costumes or love creating cosplays? Are you fantastic at metalwork, woodwork, or any other craft that creates?
  • Food and Drink – Cooking and eating combine into this category. All foodies have found their home here!
  • Music and Performing Arts – Dancing, Singing, Playing, or Composing all belong into this category.
  • Beauty and Body Art – Makeup tutorials, body painting, and tattooing have a home here.
  • Science and Technology – Designing a game for the future or testing out if two chemicals go together? Anything scientifically or robotically get engineered here.
  • Just Chatting – Just love to talk and want to hang with your stream as you relax? Or want to drop a random Q&A or VLOG along? Here is for you
  • Travel and Outdoors– Love to travel and explore new areas? In a city and exploring? Having a romp through the country? Show us the beauty!
  • Sports and Fitness – Training for an event or getting in shape? Running a fitness show or just having a gym session? Let’s see your moves in this category
  • Tabletop RPGs – For all the fans of the classic gameplay, rejoice! This area is where your dice rolls belong!
  • Special Events – All events like Pax, E3, any Cons, and special events from game developers will be here
  • Talk Shows and Podcasts – Talk shows was already a category and they get joined by Podcasts as well!
  • ASMR – For this quickly growing genre, let’s whisper together.

These subcategories will give clarity to where someone can find anything they’re looking for. It defines each stream just as you would if you specified a game!

Twitch will also be replacing Communities with tagging, allowing streamers to use keywords to make it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for. These changes are currently slated for mid-September. For the latest updates to Twitch’s Discovery system, check out their Trello.

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