May 22, 2018

Twitch Launches Bounty Board Program (Closed Beta)

Twitch Bounty Board Beta

Twitch has recently launched their Bounty Board program into closed beta. Bounties are paid sponsorship opportunities that streamers can accept directly from their Twitch dashboard.

Through this program, Twitch will become the middleman in connecting you with brands to stream specific games as sponsorships. This means you won’t have to do any of the work in handling the relationship or payment meaning you can focus on what matters the most- your content!

Here is a quick rundown of the program:


As of now, only US partners are eligible to sign up for the closed beta. If you are a US Twitch Partner you can sign up using this Google form. Over time Twitch will be randomly selecting more US partners to participate as well as some selected partners for specific bounties.

If you’re not a US partner or if you’re an affiliate fear not! Twitch plans to expand eligibility to all partners and affiliates in the future.

Currently, the closed beta is planned for the next few months while testing goes on.

Twitch Bounty Board

Accepting Bounties

Using the Dashboard, you will be able to choose from multiple bounties that are made up of both a general pool and others that are based on games you’ve streamed in the past. During the closed beta you will only be able to have one bounty active at any given time.

Each bounty will have different terms and requirements so it’s important to read them beforehand. Failure to follow the terms will result in no payment.

Completing Bounties

Once accepted, you will have up until the deadline to complete the bounty. During the closed beta, bounties will be streaming a specific game for 1 hour. In the future, different types of sponsorships will be available.

If you do not own the game, within 72 hours a key will be sent to you to complete the bounty with.

While the requirement is playing a game for 1 hour, doing more won’t result in more payment. You’re free to keep playing the game if you enjoy it though!

Your stream title, game, and past broadcasts will be used to verify completion. Additionally, you’ll need to have #sponsored in your stream title. It’s important to let your community know both in stream and on social media that it is a paid sponsorship.

While streaming the bounty game, you are able to share your authentic opinion of the game but Twitch does ask that it be constructive feedback as mean-spirited bashing is not tolerated.

If you are unable to complete the bounty you do have the ability to cancel it. However, too many cancellations will result in being removed from the program so make sure to only accept bounties you know you can complete!

Twitch Bounty Board Payout


Payouts are based on concurrent viewer requirements. These are calculated by factoring in the brand, your past viewership metrics, and geographic location. Getting the required amount of viewers will result in full payout while failing to do so will result in a partial payout.

As the Bounty Board gets more developed, things like reliability and audience engagement will be considered.

Bounty completions will go towards your total revenue balance for the purpose of reaching $100 to be eligible for payout.

Full information about the Bounty Board program can be found on Twitch’s Bounty Board FAQ.

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