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Mixer Co-Streaming on Xbox One

Mixer Xbox One Costreaming

Earlier today, the Director of Xbox Programming Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb released a press release on Xbox Wire about multiple features like co-streaming on Mixer coming to Xbox consoles in today’s monthly update!

While co-streaming had been a big feature on the platform, having the option available directly on the console is a big step in the right direction. Mixer is currently the only platform out there to have co-streaming built into the interface, so this is a really awesome resource for those looking for an even more convenient way to stream with friends!

Starting a co-stream or combining your friends’ current streams from the console is as simple as holding the Xbox button on your controller, choosing up to 3 people on your friends list or in your party that you’d like to have on, then send them the invite! From there, the 2 – 4 streams will show on screen with a combined co-stream chat. This integrates each streamer’s current chat for a shared experience for everyone involved.

On top of co-streaming, the upcoming update will also add a Mixer tab to your Club home page as a way to locate any of your Club members that may be live at that time!

Microsoft acquired Mixer (then called Beam) in August 2016 and the platform has only grown from there with consistent features added regularly. Updates like these show no signs of stopping and are immensely beneficial to viewers and streamers alike!

These features, along with the rest of the monthly Xbox update, are live now so you can start streaming with your friends immediately!

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