Beam Rebrands to Mixer

Mixer Rebrand

About a year and a half ago, opened its doors to the public with a new streaming platform that offered sub zero latency and interactive features that no one has ever attempted. The success followed the ambition when, later that year, Microsoft acquired Beam. Having a big name behind the platform helped to boost the overall site flow and provide a platform like Xbox to promote on. Flash forward to today, Beam is taking another big step into growing with the re-brand to Mixer.

Mixer is everything that Beam was and more. The name Mixer represents bringing Streamer and Viewer together in one spot. With the re-brand, Mixer is able to globally market themselves now and start campaigning to drive traffic to the site. With the launch of the new site, a handful of new features comes together to push interaction to a new level.

Co-streaming: Watch more in one place

Co-streaming is one of the new features that is being introduced with Mixer. With Co-streaming, four broadcasters can combine their channels and chats into one channel, making it easier for viewers to enjoy multi-streams. Users just have to invite one another to co-stream and get rolling! Currently the co-stream feature is only on PC but the Xbox One version will be released within the next couple weeks.

Mixer Create – The Next Level of Mobile and Real Life Streaming

Ever wanted to take your stream on the road? Now you can with Mixer Create! With a couple clicks on screen, users can now broadcast from any Android phone, with iOS coming soon. It utilizes both cameras and can swap easily for a level of comfort. The chat scrolls on the screen like Periscope does and is in a very easy to read format. All notifications pop up in chat so the user can read along with chat and not miss a follow, sub, or tip. Also coming soon will be the ability to stream mobile games and FTL advancement for the streaming platform.

Co-Play: Telltale Interactive

Telltale games are known for their interaction and story based products. With such hits as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, they are no stranger to story telling with key elements of interaction so the user feels they are deciding the story. Mixer is taking that one step further by allowing the audience to make those decisions for the streamer! Using the interactive controls, viewers can vote on decisions in game and face the consequences together as a community. It brings a deeper level of interaction between the user and viewer and allows for some fun scenarios.

Mixer Tab on Xbox One

Mixer will replace the Beam tab on Xbox One and will start to push lots of content onto the homepage right away. Whether it is a partner streaming, an e-sports event with live commentary, or a demo from some Xbox pros, this is the tab that you’ll want to be a part of as soon as possible. Currently, this tab is for Insiders but will be released to the general public more and more each day.

Mixer is starting to push hard to become a force in the streaming industry. As a Partner of the website, I strongly suggest that you start thinking of hopping aboard now and making a small niche for yourself. For more info, check out the Mixer blog.

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